Saturday, February 27, 2010

An interview with Kett

Want to know a little more about Kett? There's an interview with her posted on my good friend Selena Illyria's blog.

(Yes, it was posted a couple of days ago. I've had The Worst Cold, and been wallowing in my bed, drinking copious amounts of tea and Lemsip. Er, not together. Eurgh).

Don't forget, you can still enter the competition to win an ebook of Mad, Bad & Dangerous--see below. I'm holding it open until midnight tonight (I figure wherever you live in the world, your midnight's not going to be later than my waking up on a Sunday).

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mad, Bad & Dangerous: unleashed today!

Oh yes! Mad, Bad & Dangerous is released--unleashed, one might say--from Ellora's Cave today! As detailed below (and elsewhere, all over the interweb), this book wasn't particularly easy. In fact it was a difficult child. If it was an animal, it would be the Demon Puppy. I named it Mad, Bad & Dangerous not just because of the characters and plot, but also because that's how it felt to work on.

With that in mind, how about a giveaway? Oh yes, why not try the madness, badness, and danger out for yourself?

Here's what you do. You read the excerpt below (This is entirely optional and has no bearing on the contest; I just like getting people to read my stuff). Then you leave a comment on this blog post telling me the most mad, bad and dangerous thing you've ever done. Or, if you haven't done anything that qualifies, tell me the maddest, baddest and dangerous thing you'd like to do (since this part is theoretical, it doesn't even have to be legal).

At the end of the week I'll pick my favourite and send you an ebook of Mad, Bad & Dangerous. How's that?

Please be aware, this book is an erotic romance. It contains content that is unsuitable for readers under eighteen and may be considered offensive to those of a sensitive disposition.

Excerpt from Mad, Bad & Dangerous:

Kett’s rational brain knew there was no way in hell she was waking up chained to a naked hottie, hanging from the roof of a cave by her wrist. Her rational brain told her it must be a dream.
Her rational brain was usually wrong.
“Hey.” The hottie’s voice sounded very close to her ear. “Wake up.”
She decided not to. His body was all warm and hard. And naked. And hot. And naked. All in all, a pretty nice dream, apart from the screaming pain in her right arm. She’d have to work on getting rid of that.
“Wake up,” he insisted, his voice all warm and husky. Then he paused. “Are you even alive?”
“I’m asleep,” she mumbled, snuggling a little closer. The bedclothes were trapping her other arm behind her back. “G’way.”
“You know, I’d love to,” he said, his voice rough, as if he hadn’t used it in a while. “Sadly that’s not an option.” He moved, and there was a jangling sound.
Dread stole through Kett as her rational brain gave up the fight and the possibility occurred to her that she wasn’t actually dreaming at all. She peeled open one eye.
“Hi,” he said. He had green eyes and shaggy dark hair and he was still all warm and hard and naked.
“Mmm,” Kett sighed. And then she blushed. Which she hadn’t done since…ever.
He grinned, which made him a little more delicious. “Nice of you to join us.” His smile faded a little. “Are you all right?”
She took stock. The entire front of her body was pressed tight against his—shoulder to shoulder, breasts to chest, crotch to crotch. They were both completely naked. Even the feet that brushed against hers were bare.
Kett shifted against him, and it was an entirely pleasant thing to do.
A chain bound them together at the waist. Her right arm stretched way above her head, supporting her full weight from the chain that was suspended from the roof of what she suspected to be a cave. Her new friend’s arm was bound to hers, wrist to wrist, and while the chain that held their weight was of the heavy regular kind, the one that bound them together about their waists appeared to be silver.
There was a trickle of blood between their bound wrists.
Kett began to get a really bad feeling.
“Five by five,” she murmured, rattling the chains experimentally. Her left arm was twisted behind her back by the waist chain—not by bedclothes, dammit—and caught tight enough that she couldn’t move it. From the looks of her handsome although irritatingly calm friend, his was too.
“What?” he asked.
Okay, Kett, stay calm. This probably isn’t as bad as it seems. Someone playing a joke on you, perhaps. Someone at Koskwim who still thinks it’s funny to torment Mad Kett. At least they chained you to someone really hot. You’ve been in worse situations. At least you’re not actually dead this time.
For all her luck this was probably some screwy marriage ceremony. She’d probably met this guy at the Maharaja’s party and had too much to drink and forgotten that marriage was the worst idea ever invented. Even after years of fuckwits she could still be a sucker for a pretty face.
“I’m okay,” she said, trying to see over his distressingly broad shoulder. “Apart from the fact that I have no idea how I got here, or who you are, my arm feels like it’s gonna pop out of its socket and, oh yeah, I appear to be naked and bloody and chained to a complete fucking stranger. What else could I be but fine?”
“Whoa,” he said, “keep your knickers on.”
I’m not wearing any.”
His grin said he’d noticed. “I mean calm down.”
“Opposite of what you’re doing. I’m as much in the dark as you are. I haven’t a clue what’s going on.”
She brought her eyes back to his—it wasn’t hard, they were about four inches away—and saw honesty in their warm green depths. Aware that her bosom was heaving against a complete stranger’s chest, she tried to take his advice and calm herself. If only because she’d never thought of herself as having a “bosom”, and it made her feel old.
Only she wasn’t so good at being calm. She preferred totally and utterly freaking out.
Right, Kett. What’s going on? A cave, silver chains, amnesia. She didn’t recall there being all that many caves in the Maharaja’s palace. Had she offended someone there? Possibly—Kett was good at being offensive—but the Maharaja’s court was into more public punishments.
See, this is what happens when you extend the hand of friendship. Some bugger bites it.
She went through a list of enemies in her head, but most of them were dead. Those Federación bastards were at the top of the list of the living, but she still couldn’t fathom why they might have left her here. A slow death, maybe. Pain and starvation.
Maybe Striker was playing a joke on her. She couldn’t work out why, but then she’d never wanted to understand the innermost workings of his mind.
“You have no idea where we are?” she asked, trying the calm thing.
“A cave.”
“You think?”
“Ooh, tetchy. Don’t think there’s anyone else here. I called out but no one answered.”
A hundred ideas came to her, none of them pleasant. They’d been strung up here to die, that much was clear—but were they being left as meat for hungry bears or dragons, or to wait for the tide to rush in or what?
No, this place didn’t smell damp. If anything, it smelled like something had recently been burning here.
Great. They were going to be barbecued. Back to the dragon theory. Well, at least Kett understood dragons, although unfortunately what she understood was that they liked fresh meat.
And the blood. Didn’t seem like an accidental cut—wrist to wrist, that looked a lot like something ritualistic. She hated bloody rituals.
Still. Kett had a trick or two up her— Well, she had a trick or two.

Mad, Bad & Dangerous
is released today from Ellora's Cave.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

So what's so mad, bad and dangerous about this book anyway?

Well, firstly...everything.

I started writing Kett's Book (as it was most often known) not long after I finished Almost Human. Kett was a character who'd been in my head quite a long time, ever since I first started writing fantasy novels about a disfunctional group of people with semi-special powers, and decided to give one of them, an aristocratic highwayman, a teenage daughter. That teenager was Kett, and basically all she did was swear a lot and change her shape. Oh yes, she was a teenage shapeshifter, and she was wild. In the way that a crocodile is wild. You really don't want one in the house.

Almost Human was what came about after those books had been on the shelf a while (not the bookshelf, but the metaphorical shelf inside my hard drive where the unpublishable books live). I'd been wondering about what might happen if the most evil man in the world had a child--and that child became Chance, the heroine of Almost Human. Her mother's brother was the highwayman, and her aggressive shapeshifter cousin Kett turned up at the beginning and end of the book.

I've got to write about Kett one day, I thought. I knew her whole history by that point, how she'd been born and raised--or not raised, as the case more accurately was--and only met her father when she was sixteen. How her teens and early adulthood had been aggressive, violent, promiscuous, angry, hedonistic, and hugely detached from her family, who didn't really know what to do with her. How as she'd grown older, she'd tried and tried to make connections that had all failed: friends, family, and lovers all found her too much to handle. Too mad, too bad, and too dangerous.

How in the hell was I going to write a romance about this woman?

It took me a while. And when I say 'a while' I mean about four years. Mostly it was procrastination, but then if the book had been easy I wouldn't have been putting it off. I wanted to write it, I enjoyed the challenge, but a challenge is what it was. I knew Kett so well she was quite real to me. She fought absolutely everything in her life, including the poor author who was trying to write her.

Weirdly, her hero wasn't a difficult man to come up with. Nor was he hard to write. The problem I had with Bael was the same as the one I had with Kett: making the two of them sympathetic to the reader without losing the qualities that made me want to write about them in the first place. In contrast to Kett's hard, spiny, angry demeanour, Bael was playful, charming, almost childlike in his enthusiasms. Where Kett had entirely missed out on teenage fun and childhood games, Bael was a playboy who'd never had to grow up. But what they had in common was a history of thrillseeking, of throwing themselves at life and paying for it later, of doing what felt good because it felt good. The difference between them was that while Bael was still having fun, Kett was paying for it.

Their plots twisted all over the place. The first draft came in at about 120,000 words. I cut a whole load of stuff out, simplified, rewrote, simplified again, and forced myself to think about what was actually important in the story, what was important to the characters. What they both had to learn, to discover about each other and about themselves.

The book drove me mad. The characters fought me at every turn. The plot made no sense. The motivations were murky and indistinct. I made charts and lists and did lots of underlining, and frequently abandoned the book to work on something easier, such as learning the entire history and structure of the British Army (but that's another book).

The outlook was bad. Turned down by one editor, sequel to a book hardly anyone would be likely to remember, populated by characters who swore and fought and only wanted to have a conversation when I wanted them to have sex (remember this is an erotic romance. Sex is sort of a requisite). I couldn't even think of a title.

The whole thing was damn dangerous. Trying to explain it to anyone resulted in baffled and frequently frightened looks. Working on it ate into time better spent on writing books that were actually contracted, books that might actually sell.

And yet here it is. A triumph of determination and sheer bloody-mindedness over common sense and rationality. Much like Kett herself.

Welcome to Mad, Bad and Dangerous. You'll either love it, or it'll drive you insane.

Possibly both.

Mad, Bad & Dangerous by Cat Marsters will be unleashed 24th Feb 2010 from Ellora's Cave. Ebook, ISBN: 9781419926594, $7.99

Read an excerpt here. Watch book trailers here and here.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Can you help?

No, that's not Spike with a smudge on his face. That's Charlie, and he's about to become homeless.

Regular blog readers will know how devoted I am to all things feline. You'll also know that I live with three cats, two parents, and a demon puppy, and that the combined weight of these is what's stopping me from adopting Charlie myself. But if you or anyone you know could offer this gorgeous boy a home, please consider it!

Monday, February 15, 2010

LRC nominations: vote now!

To vote! Email Dawn Roberto with "LRC's Best of 2009 Awards" in subject line. This is important because anything else will get deleted. Tell her you want to vote for Cat Marsters "Empire: Dawn Rising" in the Best Paranormal category. I mean, if you want to.

You might also like to vote for Dawn Rising as the Best Cover. Just sayin'.

In the interests of fairness, here is the complete list of nominations for LoveRomancesCafe's Best of 2009 Awards. But you already know who you want to vote for, right?

Best Fantasy Book 2009
First Lord’s Fury (Jim Butcher-Ace)
Storykeeper (Jade Buchanan-AMP)
Lycan Tides (Renee Wildes-Samhain)
The Betrayal (Patti Nagle- Del Ray)
The Oath: Bound (Adrianne Brennan-Freya’s Bower)
The Apostle of Asphodel (Celina Summers-AMP)
Spying the Alcove (Laura Tolomei-Extasy)
Dragon Slayer (Fiona Jayde-Noble Romance)
Strange Fortune (Josh Lanyon-Blind Eye Books)
The Scroll Thief (RF Long-Samhain)
Dark Lady’s Chosen (Gail Z. Martin)

Best Paranormal Book 2009
Silent Night, Haunted Night (Teri Garrey-Avon)
Wild Blue Under (Judi Fennell-Sourcebooks)
The Egyptian’s Demon Keeper (Ciar Cullen-Samhain)
Demons Are Forever (Wynn Hayworth-Samhain)
Destined for an Early Grave (Jeaniene Frost-Avon)
Songbird (Maya Banks-Samhain)
Don’t Tempt the Phoenix (CJ England-Samhain)
Dark Elves 6: Awakening (Jet Mykles-Loose Id)
Damien’s Destiny (Jean Hart Stewart-Cerridwen Press)
Call of the Wylde (Cynnara Tregarth-AMP)
Lover Avenged (JR Ward-NAL)
Hemovore (Jordan Castillo Price-Samhain)
Surviving the Darkness (Shiela Stewart-Breathless Press)
Bad Moon Rising (Sherrilyn Kenyon-)
Empire-Dawn Rising (Cat Marsters-Changeling)
Elfin Blood (Gracen Miller-Noble Romance)
Wassail Woes (Diane Taylor-SFP)

Best Sci Fi/ Futuristic Book-2009
Dominion (Michael Barnette-Loose Id)
Swordbrothers 2-Four Winds (Michael Barnette & Auburnimp-Shadowfire press)
Surrender Love (Kayelle Allen-Loose Id)
Solar Skies (Dawn Montgomery-LSB)
Warflesh (Kim Knox-EC)
More than Robotics (Lynn Crain-Extasy)
Safe Sex (Eve Summers-Red Rose)
Naughty Nights: Enslaved (Kate Hill-Changeling)
Wolf Hunt 2: Forest Wolf (Marie Treanor-Changeling)
When The Condor Returns (Icy Snow Blackstone-Lyrical Press)
Dawn of the Seraphs (Adrianne Brennan-)
The Edge of Desperation (Jason Edding and James Buchanan-MLR)
Cosmic Chaos (Kara Griffin-AMP)
Day 94 (D. M. Slate-EP)

Best Book Cover 2009
High Country (Loose Id; Artist: April Martinez)
Blood & Magic (AMP; Artist: Celia Kyle)
Hedda’s Sword (Samhain; Artist: Anne Cain)
Surrender Love (Loose Id; Artist: Anne Cain)
Damien’s Destiny (Cerridwen Press; Artist: Unknown)
Devon Falls 4: Haunting Magic (AMP; Artist: Syneca)
Apostle of Asphodel (AMP; Artist: Renee George)
Bittersweet (AMP; Artist: Unknown)
Horsefall: As the Crow Flies (Changeling; Artist: Bryan Keller)
Empire-Dawn Rising (Changeling; Artist: Sahara Kelly)
Earth Enchanted (Lyrical Press; Artist: Renee Rocco)

Best Erotic Book 2009
Djinn & Tonic (Ashlyn Chase-EC)
Dark Elves 6: Awakening (Jet Mykles-Loose Id)
Gaven (JC Owens-Loose Id)
Rescuing Clarice (Anny Cook-EC)
Isabella Ignites (Sloane Taylor-AMP)
Kaydana & the Crown of the Worlds (Nyki Blatchley-Lyrical Press)
The Reluctant Dom (Tymber Dalton-Lyrical Press)
Hotter Than Hell (L. Shannon-LSB)
Blood & Fire (Mychael Black-Changeling)
Fireproof (Tina Holland-LSB)
A Magical Story (Shayne Carmichael-Phaze)
Spank Me Twice (Anthology-Noble Romance)
Best Paranormal Author 2009
JR Ward
Jessica Andersen
Selena Illyria
Jeaniene Frost
Adrianne Brennan
Dawn Montgomery
Ciar Cullen
Anny Cook
Kari Thomas
Terri Garrey
CE Murphy
Shiela Stewart
Lisa Shearin
Patricia Briggs

Best E-Publisher 2009
Champagne Books
Amber Quill
Aspen Mountain Press
Extasy Books
Phaze Books
Changeling Press
Liquid Silver Books
Loose Id
Noble Romance
Manlove Romance Press
Shadowfire Press
Samhain Publishing
Breathless Press
Dreamspinner Books
Eternal Press

Best Shape shifter book 2009
Seducing the Moon (Sherrill Quinn-Brava Kensington)
High Country (Michael Barnette-Loose Id)
Instinct (Jessica Freely-Loose Id)
Haunting Magic (Raine Delight-AMP)
Under a Shifter’s Moon (Kari Thomas-Black Lyon)
Bad Moon Rising by Sherrilyn Kenyon (Pub. ?)
Cursed to Death by LA Banks (Pub.-?)
Horsefall: As the Crow Fly (Jade Buchanan-Changeling)
Shadow of the Wolf (Dana Marie Bell-LSB)
Just a Taste of Me (Stormy Glenn-Siren-Bookstrand)
Highland Heat (Tilly Greene-EC)
Sanctuary’s Price (Moira Rogers-Samhain)
Fire Season (Lex Valentine-PPB)
The Marksman (Mary Winters-PPB)

Best GBLT author 2009
AJ Llewellyn
James Buchanan
Laura Baumbach
Jet Mykles
Jason Eddings
Angela Fiddler
Jordan Castillo Price
Clare London
JM Snyder
ZA Maxfield
Andrew Grey
Michael Barnette
Beth Wylde
Kayelle Allen
Mychael Black
Laura Tolomei
Wiliam Maltese
Ethan Day
Rick R. Reed
Laura Baumbach

Best Book all around 2009
Island Bois (AJ Llewellyn-Extasy)
EPistols at Dawn (ZA Maxfield-Samhain)
Surrender Love (Kayelle Allen-Loose Id)
Cocked & Loaded (Desiree Holt-Wild Rose Press)
Storykeeper (Jade Buchanan-AMP)
Master of the Mountain (Cherise Sinclair-Loose Id)
Apostle of Ashodel (Celina Summers-AMP)
Shadow Walker (Esther Mitchell-AMP)
Kindred in Death (JD Robb-GP Putnam)
Walking Dead (CE Murphy-Luna/Harlequin)
Her Heart, His Soul (Kari Thomas-Siren)
Passion Unbound (Larissa Ione-)
Catching Fire (Suzanne Collins-)
Finding the Lost (Shannon Butcher-)
The Shadow Queen (Bertrice Small-Luna)

Best Vampire Book 2009
Last Vampire Standing (Nancy Haddock)
Dominion (Michael Barnette-Loose Id)
Diamond in the Shade (DJ Manley-Liquid Silver)
Blood Curse (Mychael Black-Changeling)
Samael (Dawn McClure-LSB)
Lyric’s Gift (Trina M. Lee-LSB)
Killer Queen (Heather McAlendin-EP)
The Boys of Bite Anthology (Ravenous Romance)
The Bite of Silence (Mary Hughes-Samhain)
Forbidden: The Ascension (Samantha Sommersby-Samhain)

Best GBLT book 2009
Island Bois (AJ Llewellyn-Extasy)
EPistols at Dawn (ZA Maxfield-Samhain)
Cowboy (JM Snyder-eXcessica Publishing)
Blood & Fire (Mychael Black-Changeling)
Bittersweet (Maura Anderson-AMP)
The Best Revenge (Andrew Grey-Dreamspinner)
Spying the Alcove (Laura Tolomei-Extasy)
L.A. Bonyard (PA Brown-MLR Press)
Dream Mate (Stormy Glenn-Siren-Bookstrand)
The Dickens with Love (Josh Lanyon-Samhain)
I Kissed a Boy (Anthology-Ravenous Romance)
Best Contemporary Book 2009
True Colors (Clare London-Dreamspinner) (Neil Plakey-MLR)
Bed of roses (Nora Roberts-Berkley)
Barely legal (Lizzie T. Leaf-AMP)
The Best Revenge (Andrew Gray-Dreamspinner)
Life, Liberty & Pursuit of a Honeybun (Sam Cheever)
To seduce a soul mate (Laura Tolomei-Extasy)
Switched (Desiree Holt-EC)
If I Were a Lady (Bryl R. Tyne-Noble Romance)
Within His Embrace (Denise Agnew-LSB)
Julia’s Knight (Stormy Glenn-Siren-Bookstrand)
Conquest (SJ Frost—MLR)
Melting the slopes (W. Maltese, Ethan Day and Jason Edding-MLR)
Heat Waves (Amber Skyze-AMP)
Kentucky Bride (Jan Scarbrough-Resplendance)
Rip Cord (Jeanne St. James-Phaze)
Selling Forever (Kimber Chin-Champagne)

Best Historical Book 2009
A Knight’s Temptation (Catherine Kean-Medallion)
The Bargain Bride (Barbara Metzger-Signet Eclipse)
Days of Gold (Jude Deveraux-Atria Books)
Sparta Rose (Ginger Simpson-Eternal Press)
Caribbean Splendor (Tracy L. Ranson-Siren)
Lessons in Temptation (Charlie Cochrane-Samhain)
Captain’s Surrender (Alex Beecroft-Samhain)
Harley Street (Lynne Connolly-Samhain)
A Treasure for Sara (Allison Knight-Champagne)
Love comes blindly (Phyllis Campbell-Champagne)

Best Mystery/Suspense 2009
*includes Romantic Suspense, thriller*

Blind Consent (Michael Davis-Champagne)
Kindred in Death (JD Robb-GP Putnam)
Waking Nightmare (Kylie Brant-Berkley Sensation)
Breaking Free (Cherise Sinclair-Loose Id)
Dreamfever (Karen Marie Moning-Delacorte)
L.A. Heat (PA Brown-MLR)
Personal Demons (James Buchanan-MLR)
Thanet Blake’s Memorial Day (Wayne Greenough-AMP)
Somebody Killed His Editor (Josh Lanyon-Samhain)
Cover Me (LB Gregg-AMP)
Because of you (Mari Carr-Samhain)
Betraying Chase (Donica Covey-Champagne)

Best Series 2009

Dark Hunters (Sherrilyn Kenyon)
Black Dagger Brotherhood (JR Ward)
Tales of the Otherworld (Kelley Armstrong)
Otherworld Series (Yasmine Galenorn)
Sons of the Zodiac (Vicki Pettersson)
Night tracker series (Cheyenne McCray)
Blood series (LA Banks)
Dark Elves (Jet Mykles-Loose Id)
Club Shadowlands (Cherise Sinclair-Loose Id)
Hetra Series (Bertrice Small-Luna)
Dawg Town (Multi-author, Changeling)
Demon Hunters (Cynthia Vespia-AMP)
Traditional Stories (GJ Woodrum-Shadowfire Press)
Swordbrothers Series (Auburnimp & Michael Barnette- SFP)
Si ‘Ludo Prophecy Series (CR Moss-Divine Destinies)
Riley Jenson Series (Kari Arthur)

I'm up against Sherrilyn Kenyon, people. And JR Ward. They've both got a considerably bigger fanbases than me. Like, several million more. Do you see what I'm up against? Just one or two little votes would be nice...

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bits and pieces

So, after a week of house-sitting during which I made great progress on Hardest of Hearts, I've come home to an email from my editor asking when it will be finished, to the Demon Puppy, to snow-and-hail blizzards, to cats who actually seem to have missed me, to a PC that has just crashed, and to builders drilling and hammering on the wall outside my office. I have headphones on and Florence & The Machine playing as loud as my eardrums can stand it, but unfortunately I loaned my noise-cancelling headphones to my brother when he flew to New York and haven't got them back yet, so the Machine backing Florence is currently a very loud and atonal drill. Fun times.

However a few things happened while I was away. First up, a five-star review for Empire: Dawn Rising from JERR, who gave the first Empire book a Gold Star Award.

Dawn Rising: Empire 4 is a truly imaginative and wonderful way to end an empire! I’ve enjoyed this entire series, not only for the great story but the amazing characters, the methodical way the puzzle pieces went together until their stories were revealed and all the incredible ménage sex scenes along the way. Dawn Rising is my favorite book of the series, mostly because it finally is Edward’s story.

I admit I really looked forward to writing Edward's story. He kind of lurked his way into my subconscious as a character I hadn't even intended to write in, and became one of the most complex and dark characters I've written (No, Striker in the Realms books doesn't count. He's dark, but he's not very complex: he's just insane).

Then Dawn Rising was also nominated for Paranormal Book of the Year by Love Romances Cafe. I'm pretty chuffed to be on this list, since the name right above mine is Sherrilyn Kenyon, and she's like a proper author and everything.

Also, the wonderful cover for Dawn Rising was nominated for Best Cover. Congratulations to Sahara Kelly, who created it!

Also in the Awards category, I'm really pleased to pass on the news that two of my lovely chaptermates from the Cambridge chapter of the RNA have been shortlisted for the Love Story of the Year Award. This will be announced March 16th at the very glitzy Awards Luncheon in Kensington. Congratulations to Jan Jones and Louise Allen! The only problem now is that they can't both win...

Friday, February 05, 2010

Fantastic reviews for Empire

Not just one, but all four of the Empire stories have received fabulous reviews from Fallen Angel Reviews!

Empire: After the Fall 5 Angels!
Empire: Burning Desires 5 Angels!
Empire: City of Lust 4 Angels!
Empire: Dawn Rising 5 Angels!

I particularly like the part in the Dawn Rising review which says:

With this series Ms. Marsters has truly come into her own. I wouldn't be at all surprised if she ended up sooner than later at one of the mass market publishing houses. She definitely has the talent.
Aw, stoppit, you're making me blush.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Mad, Bad & Dangerous

The release date has been confirmed: Mad, Bad & Dangerous hits the shelves (er, the metaphorical ebook type shelves) 24th Feb!

Mad, Bad & Dangerous is a stand-alone sequel to Almost Human.

Baelvar is gorgeous, charming, insane, childish and mildly psychotic. He’s also mated to Kett, who’s brilliant, bitchy, violent and more than a little psychotic herself. It’s a match made in heaven, except for one tiny detail…

Kett doesn’t want to be mated to anyone.

The Curse of Kett has befallen everyone she’s ever cared about, but impressing this fact upon Bael is a little difficult, what with all the terrifically explosive sex getting in the way. Oh, and the repeated attempts on Kett’s life from persons unknown are a bit distracting too.

Still, if they can just stop shagging and fighting for their lives for two seconds, surely she can convince Bael they’re actually a match made in hell. Can’t she?