Monday, May 23, 2011

This is what a Romantic Novelist looks like, part II

You know those t-shirts that say "This is what a feminist looks like?" Well, it's given me an idea. Yesterday I posted a picture of myself looking, if I may say so, the exact opposite of the blue-rinsed, twin-setted and pearled old lady as portrayed in Claudia Connell's ludicrous Daily Mail article. Love or hate the Daily Mail, it's got a pretty damn big readership, and my heart grieves at the idea that thousands of people across Britain--and thanks to the Daily Mail's website, the world--can have another little chuckle at those sad old ladies who think they're Barbara Cartland.

Well, no more! It's time to take back the night! Er...I mean, to take back the novel! I know so many romantic novelists who are beautiful, bright, stylish and vibrant no matter their age. Let's show the world how fabulous we are.

Post a picture of your gorgeous, romance-writing self on your blog, on Facebook, on Twitter, wherever you like. Tag your Tweets #thisiswhataromanticnovelistlookslike, head your Facebook updates and blog posts This is what a Romantic Novelist Looks Like. And should the mood so take you, go and tell the Daily Mail what a load of old codswallop they've perpetuated. Again.

Let's show the world who we really are, and banish that trite old cliché of old women in pink eating bonbons and writing about sardonic men named Sir Thrusting Hardhammer, seducing feisty maidens named Reighbeaux de Maidenly.

Go on. I dare you!


  1. Love the T-shirt! Fab idea, Kate.

  2. Ha. Well, this is what a romantic novelist looks like round these parts. Not a twinset in sight.

  3. I've updated my blog, too!

  4. What about a Facebook page where romantic novelists can add their photos? Mx

  5. I've updated my blog - and posted on Facebook but yes please can we have a Facebook page for those of us not on Twitter

  6. Dare taken ;) I want a shirt!!!!

  7. Great the tea shirt!!!

  8. I just made a mock-up of the t-shirt...but we really ought to get some real ones! Might see about creating some on Zazzle or Cafepress.

  9. We could all buy one with a bit extra on top for charity. Mx

  10. Yes, good idea. The charity could be Help The Aged :-P

    (I don't intend that to be a bad joke, just a joke! lol!)

  11. I've done my protest blog even though I was alittle shy about it as I'm not yet a member of the RNA or yet published! Mx

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