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Book One of the Sophie Green Mysteries: I, Spy?

It's's's blonder!

A reboot of the series you know and love...or maybe it’s all brand new to you? It’s certainly all new to Sophie, who’s just been hired by a top-secret government agency.

All she has on her side is sarcasm, blonde hair and a small cat called Tammy, but that’s not going to keep her from saving the day...once she’s figured out who to save it from.

Sexy spies, plane crashes, firebombs and multicoloured cocktails: they’re all in a day’s work for Sophie. Roll over Bond, there’s a new bombshell in town!

This is a new edition of the beloved book, containing brand new material.

Unleashed 1st August 2016.
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For more information including an excerpt of the book, click here: I, Spy?

I, Spy? was previously published by Samhain Publishing in 2007: ISBN 1599986353

But there's more...

The first Luke Sharpe File, Worth A Shot, released shortly after I, Spy? in December 2016.

Luke Sharpe is a spy. And he's good at what he does. He's smart, he's brave, he's loyal. So what on Earth has just possessed him to hire Sophie Green, an incompetent, untrainable blonde, as his new partner?

Get into the mind of Sophie's favourite spy as he tries to answer that question for himself, and discover what he was really up to when he was out of her sight.

This 40,000 word novella runs alongside I, Spy?, the first in the popular Sophie Green series of mysteries. Buy the ebook from Amazon now!

Book Two of the Sophie Green Mysteries: Ugley Business

Sophie Green, the worst spy the British secret service has ever seen, is back and she’s in love—with a car.

Her best friend is being stalked, and to find out why Sophie has to solve a murder committed fifteen years ago. Complicating the case is Docherty, whose brooding eyes and Irish accent get Sophie almost as hot as his Aston Martin—and her partner Luke, who might be sexy as hell but has all the interpersonal skills of a speeding bullet.

Not that Sophie’s going to allow the state of her love-life to distract her from her mission. Much.

Murder plots, stolen supercars, cool-headed mercenaries and mysterious artifacts? Must be a Tuesday.

Ugley Business is available from Amazon: buy now!

Book Three of the Sophie Green Mysteries: A is for Apple

Growing up can be murder.

Cosmically inept spy Sophie Green is dispatched to the Big Apple on the trail of an invisible man. What she finds is an artist, a conspiracy and some very large men with guns. Meanwhile, her gorgeous partner, Luke, is getting worryingly intimate. Could it really be time for him to meet her parents?

Sophie, spy extraordinaire, isn't overwhelmed just yet. Until she's informed of the new terms of her assignment. No longer Sophie Green: Spy, now she'll become Sophie Green: Teenager. Yep, she's being sent to the scariest place on earth. Back to school.

Warning, this title contains the following: graphic language, violence, strong sarcasm and lots of orange eye shadow.

A is for Apple is available from Amazon as an ebook.

Book Four of the Sophie Green Mysteries: Still Waters

'Tis the season to get deadly. 

It's a week before Christmas. Sophie is out of work, out of love and out of her depth–literally.

Stuck in Cornwall on the holiday from hell with her ex-boyfriend, her boyfriend's ex, and two intimidating colleagues. If that's not enough, Sophie's got her hands full trying to prevent her best friend's perfect engagement from blowing up in her face.

When a corpse turns up in the local harbor it's the perfect least until someone tries to add Sophie to the body count.

Tangled love, tangled lives, tangled clues. Now there's a holiday menu Sophie can't resist.

Warning: This title contains bad language, bad behavior and bad puns. There are scenes of violence, gore, and unashamed sentimentality. 

Still Waters is available from Amazon as an ebook.

Book Five of the Sophie Green Mysteries: Run Rabbit Run

Sophie’s in trouble. Must be Tuesday.

Sophie Green’s an ex-spy, or trying to be. You wouldn’t believe the trouble she’s in. An MI5 officer has been shot with her gun, her fingerprints all over his office. And no, she didn’t kill him.

But she has gone on the run.

Now Sophie’s desperately seeking whoever’s trying to frame and kill her. She’s being forced to work with the least trustworthy man in Europe, MI5 is following her every move, and she’s had to leave the tall, blond, god of a man she loves behind.

Luke Sharpe works for MI6. Or did, until his girlfriend became a murder suspect.

Doing nothing wasn’t an option, so he started investigating. Who cares if it means jeopardising his career? Sophie’s everything he used to say he never wanted. Young, irresponsible, bright and mad. Now she’s just everything – and she has to live.

She will live, won’t she?

ISBN: 978-1-906931-73-5 Choc Lit Publishing
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