Not Your Cinderella

You are invited to a royal wedding...

He’s a prince. She’s a barmaid. It’s never going to work.

All Jamie wants to do is finish his PhD and live a life of quiet academic obscurity, but since he’s actually Prince Jamie of Wales, that’s not likely to happen. All his family wants is for him to find a suitable bride, but the local pub probably isn’t the place he should be looking.

Clodagh shouldn’t be falling for a prince. She’s worked too hard to improve her life and leave her shady past behind to get derailed by romance anyway, and all the press scrutiny that comes with royalty would be a nightmare with her background.

But the sparks won’t stop flying between them, and soon all Clodagh and Jamie can do is try to limit the fire.

A story about royalty, computer sciences, geeky t-shirts and cult musicals. And a pub.

Not Your Cinderella is on sale April 2018 from Amazon.

Coming soon...

Not Your Prince Charming

Being 14th in line to the throne isn’t as much fun as it looks. Princess Elizabeth can’t go anywhere without being watched like a hawk, at least until she sneaks out to go to a party and gets a sharp lesson in why she has bodyguards in the first place.

Xavier has spent a year and a half trying to bring a criminal gang to justice and tonight is his one chance to get them in front of the authorities; that is, until kidnapped girl turns up and ruins all his plans.

Cast away on a desert island, Eliza finally gets her wish to be anonymous with Xavier. But when they go back to the real world, can their relationship survive?

Not Your Prince Charming, out soon from Amazon.

Not Your Royal Christmas 

They call him the Problem Prince. Tom's not much good at being royal; in fact the only thing he is good at is flying helicopters, but since that terrible crash he can't even get in one any more. What he needs is a distraction, like a red-hot affair with a red-hot woman.

The daughter of a legendary rockstar, Scarlet is musical royalty, and she's experienced first hand what fame can do to a person. She's not interested in a relationship with someone who's always in the spotlight, but a hot night or two? That sounds like just what she needs.

It's never meant to be more than that, but one wild weekend in Vegas changes everything, and suddenly Tom has a new problem: how to explain to the Royal Family that he's sort of got a brand new wife...

Not Your Royal Christmas, out soon from Amazon

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