Max Seventeen: Firebrand

The story continues...

Max has always eaten life in very small bites. Now it's coming at her in great big mouthfuls.

Riley used to have very short horizons. Now the future stretches out further than he can see.

They've made the starship Eurydice their home and forged a family out of the strange and dangerous crew, but when the past comes calling it threatens to drive a wedge between them all and shatter the bonds they've made.

With the crew of the Eurydice scattered and an unknown menace stalking them across the universe, Max and Riley are faced with the ultimate question of trust and an enemy neither of them quite knows how to fight.

 Max Seventeen: Firebrand is available in ebook and paperback from 4th July 2017 exclusively from Amazon. Read an excerpt here.

Max Seventeen 

Action romance. In deep space.

Max Seventeen is the 2017 Paranormal Romantic Novel of the Year as awarded by the Romantic Novelists Association!

 Fans of Firefly, Black Sails, Fury Road? You are going to love Max Seventeen

Max is running. From jail, from hunger, and from the hard labour that awaits on the Zeta Secunda Mining Corps' stinking land trains. 

Riley is running. From terrible shame in the past, from dark secrets in the present, and from the Service who have very definite ideas about officers who abscond to join pirate crews. 

The starship Eurydice could mean their salvation. But the enigmatic Captain Orpheus could betray them both at any minute. When a terrible plot is uncovered and loyalties are tested, Max and Riley face losing everything. 

Warning: this book contains bad behaviour, bad language, and a few bad people. Other than that, it's pretty good.

Max Seventeen is available in ebook and paperback from 1st November 2016 exclusively from Amazon. Read an excerpt here.

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Impossible Things 

 Fantasy romance from Choc Lit available from February 2014. For more information, click here.

How many impossible things can you believe in?

Ishtaer is a mystery. A blind slave, beaten and broken by her sadistic mistress, with no memory of a time before her enslavement.

Kael Vapensigsson is one of the elite Chosen—a Warlord whose strength comes from the gods themselves. But despite all his power and prestige, he is plagued by a prophecy that threatens to destroy everything he loves.

When Kael summons Ishtaer to his room and discovers the marks of the Chosen on her body, including the revered mark of the Warrior, both Warlord and slave seem to have met their match.

But as their lives become increasingly entangled and endangered, Ishtaer is forced to test whether the Chosen ever have the ability to choose their own fate.

ISBN: 978-1781890592 Choc Lit Publishing

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The Untied Kingdom 

 Alternate history, available in ebook and paperback April 2011 from Choc Lit Publishing.

The portal to an alternate world was the start of all her troubles – or was it? 

When Eve Carpenter lands with a splash in the Thames, it’s not the London or England she’s used to. No one has a telephone or knows what a computer is. England’s a third world country and Princess Di is still alive. But worst of all, everyone thinks Eve’s a spy.

Including Major Harker who has his own problems. His sworn enemy is looking for a promotion. The general wants him to undertake some ridiculous mission to capture a computer, which Harker vaguely envisions running wild somewhere in Yorkshire. Turns out the best person to help him is Eve.

She claims to be a popstar. Harker doesn’t know what a popstar is, although he suspects it’s a fancy foreign word for ‘spy’. Eve knows all about computers, and electricity. Eve is dangerous. There’s every possibility she’s mad.

And Harker is falling in love with her.

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The Untied Kingdom was shortlisted for the 2012 RONA in the Contemporary Romantic Novel category.