Monday, February 28, 2005

I'm in a really ranty mood right now. I got really ticked off by a stupid male driver going far too fast who screamed abuse at me (thankfully I couldn't hear him since all the windows were shut) on my way home, because the exit to our car park is next to the turn off for a small road. He whizzed around the corner, saw me and started yelling, because he couldn't get out of his lane fast enough - there was still plenty of space to make the turning. It's just the absolute fury on his face and the look like I was doing something really stupid, like I was sitting across two lanes or something. I was waiting for the lane to clear so I could turn left (two-lane, one-way road), I was behind the line and I wasn't in anyone's way!

Sorry about that. There was aso a very stupid bus driver but I won't get into that!

Added to which I heard my dad refer to my study yesterday as 'the computer room', which really annoyed me - then I came home today to find he still hasn't got his laptop fixed so he needs to plug directly into my modem. Left his laptop across my desk too. My brother (for whom I rearranged this whole room so he could get a decent signal on his own computer) won't hook up to the internet because he doesn't want to mess up his new PC. Um, what about my PC that he regularly downloads stuff on?

See? Ranty day. I need chocolate - but if I eat it then I'll hate myself for consuming all those calories when I haven't lost a pound since Christmas and am now fatter than I was before last year's diet...

I'll go now.

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