Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Is it petty of me to feel victorious that I can spell better than some0ne who went to private school and has a degree in physics? One of the millers asked how to spell 'rigid' and Jack told him it was 'ridgid'. Yeah.

Or should I say, yah? LOL!

My hand hurts because I got acid in my glove. Most of what was brought up at 2.30 needed CO2 analysis, but I didn't get started on even logging them until 3, and then the plant started up sending my bombs every fifteen minutes, so I was mad busy and trying to wash up at the same time I was timing CO2s, and I thought I'd just got water in my glove. But now it's all burny! Ow!

Linda was supposed to be back this week but wasn't, so I'm employed the rest of this week and probably at least most of next week. After which I'll have earned (pause for calculator) £875. Not bad! So far have managed to resist spending any of it, but then I haven't got my new jeans yet and I'm really tempted by the La Redoute sale!

Also I feel like I've hardly written anything for weeks, although according to WordPro I started Chance's story on the 29th Jan, which was the day before I started at Westmill, and I've written 37k. Go me! It's all smut and rubbish, but it's still 37k! LOL.

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