Thursday, February 24, 2005

Now then, children, gather round and I shall tell you a story of the inexplicable. Are we sitting comfortably?

The Amazing Waterless Goldfish was/is a fish my mum discovered when she was out walking the dog yesterday. It was just lying at the edge of the field, flapping its tail and looking pathetic. She chucked it in the (dried up) stream 'cos she thought it might be damper and it was gonna die anyway, and carried on walking. About forty five minutes later on her wqay back she peeked in and saw that it was still moving. So she put it in the plastic bag she keeps for dog nasties (yes, it was empty) and took it home, called my brother to tell him to wash out a bucket and fill it with water. They put the fish in, watched it list on one side, and thought, it's surely going to die now. Went into town and to the supermarket.

Came back an hour or so later - fish is happily swimming around in its bucket.

It's a fairly big fish - about seven or eight inches long (we're calling it a goldfish because it's orange) and still no one has any idea how it even got to the field, let alone survived so long. There's a vet surgery at the end of the road, so Mum takes the bucket up there, and all the staff come out to ogle the Goldfish That Could. They reckon maybe a heron picked it out of a pond and just dropped it on the field. As to how it lived so long without water, none of us can tell.

For now it's still at the vet - they're gonna try and find it a home if it lives. Mum's going up there today to get some tablets for the cat (this is why we can't keep it, incidentally, aside from having no facilities) so she's going to see how it's doing.

That's all from Tales of the Bizarre today, please tune in tomorrow!

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