Monday, March 14, 2005

Four months today since Chalia and her merry maniacs went off to visit New York. Tor guidelines say they aim to reply within four months - possibly I shouldn't start the emailing just yet though. Although... she wasn't there when I actually sent it 'cos i got an auto reply saying she was moving office so maybe when she got back she didn't get it because her computer ate it or it got lost and she thinks I didn't send it or it's currently being passed around the Tor offices as an example of the very worst manuscript ever written and... maybe I don't want to press the issue...

Two months since I sent off Will and Molly to Richmond. I think theirs is a safer trip. I got an acknowledgement letter and everything. Plus, you know, it's Richmond. No one ever got mugged in Richmond.


  1. LOL, K8. You're worse than me. I'm sure they aren't using it as the example of the worst manuscript ever. We all know you're a great writer. Just check. It'll put your mind at ease. What if they're waiting to tell you they want it but they lost your return addy? Hmmm??

  2. I wouldn't start worrying yet, but don't forget to pick up your subcare goodies!

  3. K8, best of luck to your both mss, and I'm absolutely sure they don't use it as the example of the worst ms. Maybe quite the opposite.