Friday, March 04, 2005

So I go to bed last night and a DVD starts playing. Wouldn't mind so much but the DVD player is below my bedroom and I have a wooden floor. And I have to get up at 6.45. So, because after the day I'd had, the possibility of being remotely polite was long gone, I stayerd put and hoped someone might have the courtesy (not to mention good sense to not piss me off any further) to switch it off. Which they did but only after it had fucking ended and I was too mad to sleep.

So I got up and locked the bastard brother off the computer.

Heard nothing all day. Came home to find a message on my wallpaper to tell me not to be so petty and he'd got back in.

I am SO FUCKING ANGRY right now!


  1. Hey K8...I totally sympathize with you. I know what it's like to have a sibling who's a royal pain in the butt. My younger brother used to drive me batty when we were kids. Thankfully, he's now married and gone. Whoo-hoo! I hope you smack him around a few times to get him to straighten up. Good luck


  2. K8, yep, totally understand you. How much until he matures enough to move out?

  3. He's 25. So, never. But thanks anyway.