Saturday, May 14, 2005

And now for something completely different

Reading about Meu makes me sad, and I don't want to be sad. So here's a happy post.

Yesterday I took my mum to see Bryan Adams, who she adores (and I'm not wholly impartial to) at Earl's Court. It was her Mother's Day present - me and Rich went halves on her ticket. Apart from the endless journey home (left the venue just before 11, got home about 1.15 after they closed one tube station because there were too many people in it) it was brilliant. He's soooo good live! Usually I prefer smaller venues because there's a better sound and it's more intimate, but he's such a stadium artist. He kept looking out at the crowd with this, "Really? You're all here for me?" expression on his face. Too cute!

He's one of those performers who really seems to enjoy performing. I know that sunds a little odd, but with some people you get a sense they're just there to promote their new album and make some money. With someone like Bryan, or the Finn brothers, there's a feeling that they'd do it for free because they enjoy it so much, and that's great. The way it ought to be, I guess!

Now for another of my stellar tailored-to-fit presents. It's Father's Day when we're in Cornwall, so I'm looking into buying my dad some surf tuition while we're there. Twice he's hired a wetsuit and board and messed around on his own and he's always saying he'd like to learn to do it properly. He's such a big kid!

It will, however, be a present he does on his own: I'm happy to go see Bryan, but I ain't getting wet and salty for anyone! Well, unless the instructor is cute...

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