Tuesday, May 17, 2005


I just got a reply from the Fab Five coordinators (I emailed the overall one as well as my category because... well, I'm impatient) who both said they loved my writing and it was really professional and that Raelene wanted the full ms!

Yay! And also Argh! I have to edit the goddamn thing!

On another note, I just had a really vivid Firefly dream where I think I was Kaylee. We were at a party and Inara had a really hot dress to make Mal jealous, but then she hooked up with someone (who reminded me disturbingly of Patrick) and it seemed that I was wearing the dress... and Mal was being hot. Weird! It was one of those dreams where you know you're half awake and you're directing it. So I made Mal hug me. Haha.

Ooh, and I get a plaque too. Not for the dream (clearly) but for the contest. Squeee!

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