Monday, May 16, 2005

I already added it to my business card, so it must be true.

Just to clarify...

I won. I won the Fab Five freaking contest. Well, in my category, which is Erotica, thank you very much. Probably because I managed to get some sex into the first ten pages, which when two people have never met before and both their world and their species has to be described, is pretty damn tough, I think!

I ran upstairs to get a jumper 'cos we were sitting outside (yes, I know. I know. But see below for why the British do this sort of thing) and saw there was an IM from Amy asking if I'd heard yet. I gave her a gloomy Dougal reply and clicked on the Contest Alert group for the hell of it.

Then I squeaked like a mouse and read the post again, fairly sure they were listing in reverse order because how else would I be at the top of the list?

I mean, seriously. I wasn't kidding when I say final found judges usually hate me. All editors hate me. It's a rule of the universe. Like 42. There were six finalists in my category (like, an extra one - should've been five, hence the contest name) which just said to me that I now had an unprecedented opportunity to come sixth out of five.

Have since forwarded what probably doens't make any sense onto pretty much everyone in my address book (possibly even the twins, which could be intertresting since I haven't spoken to them in a year or seen them in a year and a half), and am anticipating many replies of "What the fuck are you babbling about, girl?", or possibly no responses again, 'cos they'll probably think it's spam.

Anyway. Don't care. I checked the list again this morning and it's still there, no retraction or anything. I already added it to my business card, so it must be true.

Oh, and for the superstitious/people who like to laugh at the superstitious, I asked my oracle book yesterday about the contest. The question I picked was "Will I receive the honour I am hoping for?" The answer came back: "Yes, a woman will help you."

Seeing as I figure probably in excess of 99% of people involved with this contest are women, that's not particularly helpful. But accurate, nontheless. I guess you can take that as you want.


  1. K8, I said it already, but once again, HUGE CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!

  2. Congratulations!!!!!