Thursday, May 12, 2005

Okay, I don't post here enough. Possibly because I have nothing to say. No, that's clearly not it.

'I have nothing to talk about' might be more accurate.

So. I finally got my cheque from the tax people. I left that job in November and applied in January for a repayment. I chased it up in April and finally, after seven months, finally got some damn money! It's paid for the bulk of the RNA conference in July.

Which means my summer looks like this:

Tomorrow: Taking Mum to see Bryan Adams at Earl's Court. Will try not to faint again. Ahem.

(yeah... a couple weeks ago I went to see James Marsters at the Islington Academy and, em, fainted in the audience. Colour me embarrassed)

11th June: Nick's party. These are always fun because he has three flatmates and they all know cool people. For instance big club DJs and guys who look like Jonny Lee Miller. The latter is now moving in with Nick - yippeeeee! - hence the party. The theme (he always has costume parties, yippee again) is 'Popstars'. I'm going as Gwen Stefani. Pictures will definitely follow.

16th June - 2nd July: Cornwall. Free holiday with the 'rents. And then free holiday with Alysia's 'rents, who didn't even have to pay for their cottage, which belongs to a friend. Plan to spend most of this time reading books, drinking cider, and eating Cornish pasties. Hard life, innit?

7th-10th July: RNA Conference, Surrey. Somehow not as nervous about this as Reno. Possibly because there will be about a quarter of the attendees (if that) and I only have to go about sixty miles to get there. Haven't the foggiest what to expect of it.

24th July - 7th August: Reno! Or, more specifically, Austin, Reno, and Vegas. Reno's just sort of by way of an excuse. Have already planned my wardrobe - wsell, I have to re-plan it, because everything I take needs to be less than 15kg. Stupud Ryanair. And here i thought I was being smart, saving money...

Okay. Well, that's it so far. Funny how I can be so busy, when I have no job and no commitments, isn't it?

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