Thursday, June 02, 2005

Yay Amy!

My friend and crit partner, Amy has finally sold! She submitted Three Wishes, an erotic romance novella, to Aphrodite Unlaced, a new e-publisher, on Tuesday night. By the time she came home on Wednesday, there was an offer sitting there in her inbox. Sold!

I came home last night (after one of those beauty parties where they slather expensive cream all over your face and then try to flog it to you. It was at Rauha's house, and she's the only person I know who drinks more than we do in this house. So I'd had wine, lots of wine) to many frantic IMs of the KAAAATE!!! I'M A FUCKING PUBLISHED AUTHOR variety. And then after she'd told me the whole story (seeing as how it was sixteen hours from submitting to accepting, it didn't take long) she forced, forced I tell you, me to submit to them too. A couple of months ago I wrote an 11k short about an Egyptian vampire in the present day, and the guy who'd been trying to protect her when she was alive, coming back to help her again. I think it had too much plot for such a short story, but the bits that aren't plot are sex. So, we'll see how it goes.

However, I did manage to send the submission email without attaching the story. I am so stupid. Hopefully the ed. in question will see this as amusing and not incompetant. I can be both - I'm very flexible.

It was sent at midnight last night, so if I haven't heard in three and a half hours, I've missed her record. Can you bear the suspense?

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