Tuesday, August 30, 2005


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Bad news about Willow. We took her to the vet 'cos
she's got all skinny and we thought it was her
thyroid, like Tinker, and the vet said yes, it's all
enlarged. Thyroid.

Then he felt at her stomach and said she also has a
growth there and it's cancerous. And there's no point
removing it because she's so old and an op would be
bad for her, added to which it'll have spread anyway.
So we've got Willow for another month, maybe, and she
won't see Christmas.

I really need a drink now.


  1. Oh K8, I'm sorry for you and Willow. If I were there, I would cuddle her myself.

  2. Aww, K8 I'm so sorry. I love kitties and this is just heartbreaking. (((HUGS)))

  3. oh, i am sooo sorry. she looks adorable and sweet. i have a recently reincarnated dog she's welcome to find and hassle. rascal would like that.


  4. {{{{{{hugs}}}}}} to you and Willow!