Monday, September 05, 2005

My first review!

Maybe there will come a day when superlative praise no longer excites me. I hope not. I' m so stoked about this!

4 ½ stars

SHE WHO DARES is a fast, intense, “grabs you from the start” kind of story. Full of wit, drama, and super sexy characters, it’s a simply decadent little treat.

Masika started out life as an ancient Egyptian. She’s now a centuries old vampire working for Sundown Inc., an agency that hunts down paranormal beings. When she’s contracted to kill another vampire, she’s surprised to learn that he’s someone from her past. Dare has been in love with Masika ever since he saw her as a child in the pharaoh’s garden. Now that he has a chance to be with her, someone wants him permanently dead. Masika and Dare can finally be together but there is a big surprise in store for Masika and a danger that threatens to pull them apart.

I loved this story! It’s just…wow! I’m so excited to see that it’s the first in a series because I really hated saying goodbye to this one. The characters are sexy and exciting, the dialog is fabulous and witty, and the highly visual settings pull you right into the story. If you love vampire romance, you’ve got to read this one. I’ll be waiting impatiently for the next SUNDOWN INC. story!

Susan Biliter
EcataRomance Reviews

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