Monday, October 24, 2005

Still not king yet

No, I'm not talking about Prince Charles. I'm talking about that 'secret diary of the Lord of the Rings' where Aragorn moans every day, "Still not king yet."

Actually, I'm not talking about that at all. I'm talking about the Molly contest. So I finalled (or, someone with my name living in Standsted, Untied Kingdom, finalled). Winners were announced on Saturday at an awards luncheon. I figure, what with Denver being seven hours behind, I'm not likely to hear until Sunday.

It's Monday night, and I'm still not king yet.

However, after running a Google search for any combination of the contest title, year, and other finalists in my category, I finally came across Joely Sue Burkhart's blog entry from this time last year, where she says:

According to a past finalist in this contest, only the WINNERS of this contest are contacted if not present at the conference. They're usually at least a week delayed in getting the website updated. So I think it's safe to say MBB did not win first place in this contest. Which is fine. Hopefully I'll hear good news on the full request by the finalist judge (eventually).

This whole contest has been one late announcement after another. People on vacation. Storms. No e-mail. No phone. Whatever. I've decided if I'm going to wait around nibbling my fingers to bloody stumps, I'd rather be waiting on something that MATTERS. Like a submission to an agent or editor.

Well, I tend to agree. Since I've heard nothing and it's been two days, I think I can assume I didn't win. But then again, I assumed I hadn't finalled until I checked the website (about a week after finalist annoucements were supposed to have been made) and saw my name there.

Ms Burkhart has a point about last year's delays. I think her category was Paranormal, and mine was (and is again this year) Romantic Elements. Last year I semi-finalled, but didn't make the final round. This was announced in August, and I finally got my scores back in December. I know the international post is pretty crappy, but this was quite ridiculous. Apparently the coordinator for my category had some personal problems. Did the Paranormal coordinator, too? I also had a couple of judging discrepancies (as in, the discrepancy judge was sent a copy that had already been commented upon) and hadn't been put forward for the Unsinkable Molly award despite having a perfect score in that category. Or, I might have been. The coordinator I emailed didn't have a list of finalists for that category. Apparently there wasn't one any more. I wasn't sure I wanted to enter again, but I was given a free entry, so I figured I might as well.

I don't think I will next year.

When (if) news arrives of my placement, I'll let you know. I might not be king yet, but I might make Prince or even Duke. After all, I got my own kingdom here. An untied one.

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