Thursday, March 02, 2006

Print release!

Soundtrack: Song 2 by Blur (you know, the one where he yells "WOO HOO!").

I have a print release date for Almost Human! You can buy it in book format in August! Yay! Woo! Raaa! Squee! And all those other things!


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  1. I Cat! I'm Cathie, met you on the CP yahoo group. I read your first book, SHE WHO DARES, and absolutely loved it!! As soon as I'm able I plan to get the second in the series! Today is the first time I found your site, and it was through the EC newsletter! Now I see all i'm missing of reading yours! Congrats on the EC book and too that it will be in print!! Your first one, right? I'm thrilled to be here and too gotta see if you have a newsletter so I don't miss your releases! Really a joy reading you!!! You have a great weekend!