Sunday, April 30, 2006

Oh yeah, I forgot

Collectormania! The only thing apart from Wimbledon and holidays I'll get up early in the morning for. This year I braved the M1 and Milton Keynes (shudder) for to see Alan Tudyk, because he's cool. He is of course Wash in Firefly/Serenity (very many Browncoats wandering around with Jayne hats and t-shirts proclaiming they're the Hero of Canton), Wat in A Knight's Tale, and the voice of the robot in I, Robot (don't ask me what his name is, I haven't actually seen it). Anyway, he's a sweetheart and posed for a photo with me, which was jolly nice of him!

Afterwards got mildly (read: completely) lost in MK. Ugh. Horrible place. Would it kill them to put up a road sign or two? I was about five miles from the M1 with no hope of being able to find it, because when I came out of the carpark I was in a one-way system and couldn't get back to face the other way. So of course I keep going, looking for somewhere to turn around, perhaps keep making right turns until I'm back in the same place... but there's a truly baffling collection of roundabouts, one-way streets, traffic lights and No Right Turn signs. And everything looks the same. It's like being in one of those horror movies where you realise you're trapped, and they want to eat your brain. If there's any left after you've survived the road system, that is.

Anyway. Finally made it back (M1 a doddle after MK, don't know why I was so scared of motorways. They at least have signage) to Jen's house and got filmed for her documentary thingy about internet personalities. Can't remember precisely what I said, but 'um' featured a lot.


  1. What's the picture say? I can't read it!

    Cute picture and I like your new glasses!

  2. Reese8:08 pm

    Nice glasses, kitty cat.

  3. Alan Tudyk played Sonny in I Robot. :)

    your pic is better than mine, he looks puzzled & i look just frightening! heheheh.


  4. Emma, the picture says "Kate, keep flying', Alan Tudyk" (his character there is the pilot in Firefly/Serenity).

  5. Wash! I love Wash! I, Robot wasn't that great as a movie, but I watched it for Alan. HE was good. :-)