Friday, May 05, 2006

In defence of the Beta Male

Or: thoughts prompted by What Wizards Want's first reviews.

Phew, was getting kinda concerned no one wanted to review WWW. But five angels from FAR and 4/5 stars from JERR have cheered me up no end!

"The reader’s first encounter when Lily and Con get busy is explosive and it doesn’t lose intensity as the story progresses. So not the alpha male and not ashamed of it, Con savors and finds joy in his petite pirate. I just love Con’s inner dialogue that runs throughout the story. His perverse outlook on life and his biting sense of humor makes What Wizards Want a delight. Lily’s reactions to life in a different time is a “roll with it” attitude, much like I imagine she was when she served as captain of her own ship. She definitely is a ballsy woman who enjoys being with her man. This is the third book in the Sundown Inc. series but it can be read alone. Ms. Marsters is a talented author and I can’t wait to read more adventures of the other “employees” of Sundown, Inc."

It's nice that she liked Con's non-Alpha-ness. I know I drone on and on about it, but they really don't need to all be gun totin' mega-men. Con's about as far from the standard Alpha as he could get--he's the Unseelie butt-monkey, and everyone knows it--and he's also completely non-Omega, in the scary, bad-boy sense of it. He's just a Beta male, a nice guy, smart, cute, not bad at what he does but not brilliant either. Most importantly, he's made mistakes and he's living with the consequences.

Having said that, Never Leave Me has a big gun-totin' Alpha male running around being sexy. Well, who ever heard of a Beta-male demon hunter? (note to self, write one of those).

I like Con. I think he's adorable (but then, I suppose I would). Hussah for the Beta male!

Kitten update: they've discovered the stairs. God help us.


  1. Reese8:42 pm

    Hey Kitty-Cat,

    do you have an "e-book reader?" I've heard of these contraptions, but I have no idea what they are. I'd like to read more e-books, but I don't really fancy printing them out and I'm not crazy about reading them on the computer.


  2. Nope. They're not really available on this side of the pond. Well, they're just starting to be. I keep reading about this amazing new fangled contraption that allows you to read a 'book' on a 'machine' held in your hand--but it costs a bloody fortune. Am constantly amazed that nowhere in these articles is there ever any mention of the (much more affordable) models already available on the American market.

    I read most e-books in MS Reader format on my computer. Maybe one day I'll get the actual machine and download them onto it.