Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Nothin' to do, not much to say

I'm tired and bored. And also kinda depressed, because I went to a funeral today. Is it wrong that while the son of the recently deceased was giving the eulogy, I was sitting there thinking, "Hey, great job growing up!" Okay, and the eulogy was very moving too. So, an appropriate time interval, and then we'll see about improving my slut test score...

Okay, joking. He was surrounded by girls anyway. You know, it's very annoying that all my mother's friends have daughters of the same age as me who are at least half my bodyweight. I mean, there were three of them standing together, and I reckon if you stuck them on one side of a scale and me on the other, they'd still be higher than me.

Blah. Trying to print my own business cards, since I don't care for any of the pre-made templates you can get at those free business card sites, and when you design your own they charge you for it, then charge you to upload the image (yes, I know), then charge you for postage, then... I don't know, probably they charge by the letter or something. Anyway, have printer, will print. So long as the damn thing plays along...

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