Saturday, May 20, 2006

We are the winners...of Eurovision!

I think you really have to be a) European and b) slightly mad to appreciate the cheese-fest that is the Eurovision Song Contest. When even the presenter can't stop laughing (love ya, Tezza--I mean, Sir Tezza) you know it's going to be entertaining.

Anyway, this year's highlights included: a Britney lookalike (when she was still hot) from Moldova who changed her outfit three times during one song; a French chick who badly needed a tuning fork; crazy shaven-headed Spanish dancers; a Swiss entreaty for World Peace; cute Russian boy with an unfortunate mullet, accompanied by a ballet dancer appearing from a piano; a British rapper backed by schoolgirls in boaters; a Danish teenager emoting over some boy's inability to 'twist'; Israeli soul sung in English and Hebrew (at least, my guess is Hebrew); and the winners, a group of Finnish Orcs singing comedy metal about the Day of Rockening (sic).

And no, I didn't make any of those up.

However, my personal vote went (or would have done if there was any phone signal in Alysia's house) to the Lithuanian entry, LT United, with their fabulous, possibly even post-modern football anthem We Are The Winners. Laugh? I very nearly ruptured something.

Come on, all together now: We are the winners of Eurovision. We are, we are! We are the winners of Eurovision. Vote vote vote vote, for the winners!

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