Saturday, June 03, 2006

You have no idea how weird it is seeing your real name with a website addy attached to it. Really. I've got to used to talking about Cat as--well, not a separate person, more a different identity--that making Kate's site has been very odd! But I'm pleased with it. Go and enjoy the silliness. Also, enjoy the fact that I was able to get that domain name: come on, it's so common there was another girl at my small, provincial school with it.

Also, I want to promo a new newsletter/site I have going with some other top gals. Check out the Great Escape Artists for many insightful articles about life, the universe, and writing, and especially register for our newsletter. Ta.


  1. That site has a cool look to it Cat ... er, Kate.

    But I dont' get why your writing these new books under a different name?

    What up, baby?

  2. Well, really it was that I forgot to add Cat's name to the submission letter. Sophie's such a submission whore (actually, she's anything but) that she's ben in the circuit for years, and I just plain forgot to change the sub.

    But actually, she's also pretty different from my other stories. She doesn't spend all her time having sex (though not for want of trying), and she isn't immortal. Although, with how often she get shot at, she should be.

    Like my new author picure? Took me all of...oh, twenty whole minutes?

  3. Anonymous10:55 pm

    Love the new website, Cat.

    Can't wait to read Sophie, she's kind of famous ;)

  4. Is she? She'd rather be infamous ;)

    Infamy, infamy... they've all got it in for me!