Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Ordinance survey maps are stupid

So there's this village fun run thing going on at the weekend, and our neighbour is organising it. My dad, possibly while drunk, agreed to be a marshal, you know, one of those people in day-glo jackets who point out which way you're supposed to go. The course is 10k (about 6 miles) across fields and stuff. Mum and I decided to walk the course a little way to see where my dad was supposed to stand...and got lost.

We were okay for the first part. Village, hill, farm... then a load of farm tracks. Map terrifically unclear. Marked out things like Netherhills Plantation (v useful when all around you are identical fields), pit (disused) and FB. What's an FB? I could think of a few things, but none of them likely to appear on a map (and no, when we got to where FB was on the map--finally--there was nothing but more fields and trees there. Map did not, however, mark such things as bridges. So when we came to a bit that was supposed to be a straight footpath to the road, and found a left-right-bridge-right-left-field combo instead, we figured we were lost.

Flashbacks to Year 8 'orienteering' around Hatfield Forest using a 10-yr-old map that didn't take into account several years nettle growth.

Anyway. Figure we walked about five miles. Downed several pints of Coke on return (best thing in the world when you're really thirsty! Water, pah).

Have no idea what the point of this post actually was. My dad is fine now, thanks for asking Emma, and we're going to Wimbledon on Thursday (probably) since yesterday was a washout (forecast was dire and indeed they had 45 mins of play, total all day). Will miss Federer (unless he gets rained off tomorrow, but the weather is supposed to be fine), but on the plus side, hopefully Timmy won't be playing, so the queues will be shorter.

ETA: Two things. One, linking to the new (more accurate) map useless. Two: FB means foot bridge. Actually I've re-christened it: fucking bridge. What happened to the little bridge symbol they used to have? And why was the FB on the map miles from actual FB? Bah. Bah, I say.

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