Sunday, July 09, 2006

Four things.

One: King Roger won Wimbledon. Again. Four times in a row... like Pistol Pete. Love Federer. Thoroughly, bloody nice chap. Not bad at tennis, either.

Two: Italy won the world cup. Which was nice. I wanted them to win because a) every single person in Italy LOVES football almost as much as they love their mamas, and right now this minute will be screaming around as fast as their Vespas will allow them, streaming red, white and green flags and yelling "Viva Italia!"; and b) because if they lost, then France would win. And we just can't allow France to have won the World Cup more than us. It's just Not British.

Three: My baby boy turned eighteen today. Handsome Tinker, who actually now resembles Gus the Theatre Cat, is now old enough to get married, drink and vote. If this was the case, he'd probably vote for the removal of Sugar and Spike, who seem to think he's some sort of multi-purpose entertainment centre. Bat his tail, leap on his back, make him yowl! Fun! Fun!

Four: I posted a review of Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man's Chest on my ol' chum Reese Witherfork's 2 Minute Movie Review site. Go knock yourself out.


  1. That picture of Johnny Depp is hilarious. Just to let you know, kitty cat, I left the link on the review as a link to your website, then I changed the link on the sidebar (your little button) to your blog. Let me know if you want me to change that.

    Later babe ;-)

  2. Anonymous5:57 am

    Went to see this last night. I liked it, however, I agree with your review. Wikki wikki num num. Hmm...

    P.S. the local yocals have given me a promotion! I'm now no longer a porno writer. I'm a vampire porno writer *wags eyebrows*

    Too bad I've never written vampire porno a day in my life...

    I need to drink some rum.

  3. Glitch says Happy Birthday to Tinker. And something else about 'world domination' but I didn't quite catch that bit.