Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Naked Eyes--the meme

Borrowed this from Elizabeth Chadwick's blog. Also, at some point, I intend to write a similar post to hers on soundtracking: since I don't have enough music for the Naked series, I'll ask: what do we want to see? Sundown, Inc. the album? Sophie Green, the album? Almost Human? Speak up, my lovelies.

This is answered from the point of view of Laura, the heroine of Naked Eyes.

I am:
Laura Kincaid, cabin crew with Zephyr Airlines.
I want: To get my newly acquired Second Sight under control. These visions are damaging my calm.
I wish: I could control the Sight and look into the future when I want, not when it wants.
I hate: Ghosts turning up and scaring the crap out of me.
I miss: The old ignorance I used to live in.
I fear: I'm going crazy.
I hear: Voices.
I wonder: How the hell I ended up being able to see ghosts and visions.
I regret: I'm not sure I do.
I am not: Psychic. I'm just...intuitive.
I dance: Only when no one can see me.
I sing: In the shower, or else people's ears bleed.
I cry: When things are sad. When I think about pets who've died. When I'm tired and frustrated. When my heart is broken.
I am not always: Particularly coherent, especially when a vision has shaken me about like a dog's bone.
I made: a mess of things with Jack.
I write: Postcards, and that's about it.
I confuse: Passengers, especially when I know what they're going to say before they say it.
I need: Some time off.
I should: Go and see a doctor. Or a psychiatrist. Or a priest.
I start: Trying to explain this new power to myself, and then run out of ideas.
I finish: Every chocolate bar I'm given.
I tag: the Great Escape Artists.

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