Thursday, August 17, 2006

FAQing website

Er, yes. Actually, I've been messing with my website (it's like painting the Forth Bridge, every time I think I'm done I find something else that needs fixing. Actually, that's not like the Forth Bridge. It's like inheriting a government). Anyway, I've added a new page titled Extras. On here is all the stuff that doesn't quite fit on the other pages: FAQ, trivia, glossaries, pictures and all that. It's still growing: I keep thinking of stuff to add to it.

What do you think of my new page? Love it? Hate it? Can't stand the whole site? Getting a headache from all the purple? Want to see more, dammit, more? Let me know! The FAQ section especially is growing, so if you have anything to ask, just do it.

Ask, that is.

1 comment:

  1. Meant to tell you on last post that I DO like the site. The purple and bubbly spots are rather Twiggy for me - lol.