Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Back, two, three, four

...sorry, Steps moment there. Shudder.

Okay, well, I'm back from my mini-holiday. Three loads of laundry later (not mine, but no one else seems capable of it) I've finally remembered about BlogLand. Whoops!

Lots has actually happened this week. A release date for the next Sundown story has been set for December. This story for Changeling Press, Duty and the Beast, features a werewolf who doesn't believe in the paranormal, an elf who can't stop women ripping his clothes off, and some vampire corpses. Sound fun? It is to write.

Also in December I should have a Christmas story for Samhain. This story is so totally brand spanking new that neither it nor its heroine has a name yet. It's set in the Sophie-verse, but before she comes on the scene. More details will follow.

And last but not least, at the urging of my Changeling editor I have another Sundown story lined up. Well, sort of, I only just came up with the idea this weekend. She emailed me and said, "Pretty please can you do another menage?" And because I love her, and all my readers too, it's gonna be a vampire menage. Am I good to you, or what?

Oh! and I nearly forgot. Lacey Savage, another fantastic Changeling author, is featuring my August release, Naked Eyes, in her newsletter. She's even offering a free copy of it. Pop over to her website, or join her Yahoo group for more details. Next month she'll have an interview with me... because you just can't have enough Cat, can you?

Certainly my kittens seem to think so. Since I finally cleared all the crap out of my study they've been exploring (I just typed 'exploding' there, whoops) all over it. Here's my little--or not so little--Spike-alike, helping me with my work.

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