Thursday, October 05, 2006

Working hard, or hardly working?

She's a rotten typist.

Back from Cornwall, which was lovely as always. Have eaten nothing but pasties and chips and gigantic portions of fish all week, washed down with the local ale and cheese, hilariously called Cornish Yarg. Yarg, matey!

I'd post a picture to prove where I was, but I left my camera here, so you'll have to wait until I get the disposable film processed.

Meanwhile, I've finished the first draft of Duty and the Beast, which will be heading off to my lovely editor as soon as I've corrected the typos Sugar helpfully added for me (so she can't type, but she's great at plot twists). I'll soon be starting work on my Christmas story for Samhain, and then the next Sundown story, Unholy Trinity. On the review front, the word on Naked Eyes is good, good, good, while Almost Human has had a four-star review from Romantic Times.

Look out for my spanking new newsletter coming in the next couple of days, available in glorious Technicolour HTML on my website/s, or delivered straight to your inbox if you so desire. Just sign up for the newsletter here, and I'll do the rest! This month's issue features an interview with the fabulous Amelia Elias, more snippets of the news I know you've been desperate for, book reviews and a whole bunch of other fun crap with which to amuse yourself.

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  1. Anonymous2:33 am

    OH wow! Fabulous review!!!!!!!

    And well deserved!