Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Normal service will resume shortly

I.e., when I've got rid of this crappy cold that's making me feel like some evil little gnome has stuffed my head full of steaming compost, lined my throat with sandpaper and dropped me on a cakewalk. A cakewalk on a merry-go-round. With a hangover.

How is it that we can vaccinate against smallpox, yet can't cure the common cold? It's a daily catalogue of woes: last Wednesday I couldn't breathe or tilt my head more than five degrees forward; by the weekend I was feeling travel-sick while standing still; and now I've got the sandpaper throat, while at the same time still trying to show the sinus crap out the door.

Ugh. Enough whining about that. Let's whine about something else. I'm looking forward very much to being able to take a proper shower (as opposed to a bath, yes, I do wash). While the new one is plumbed in, it's still useless because it needs wiring up properly (water pressure here=zero. Do not feel guilty about wasting water by using power shower, as live in country wetter than some planets consisting entirely of water). I have no idea why my house, which is about forty years old, has worse electrics than my best friend's, which is 400 years old. Still. The new shower looks great. Goes very nicely with the tiling.

Got first draft of a cover for Twelve Lies today. Should be fantastic. Remind me to put details of that on my website. I can probably do that during the day, assuming I can get past the toolbox, sawhorse and ladders outside the bathroom door.

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