Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Cover woes

Okay, so my editor emailed last night and said I needed to send in a cover request ASAP for Maneater (I also need to send in the book, too, but that's a different dilemma).

It’s tough to form a meaningful relationship when you have all the dating skills of a praying mantis.

For Chloe, human interaction is an absolute disaster area, but then she is a siren. Vegetarianism is not an option when you can turn into a six-foot eagle with a human head. But in the glittering lights of Las Vegas, she meets the dazzling, irresistible Alexius.

He’s gorgeous. He’s sexy. He’s perfect in every way. And he’s about to hand her over to the harem of a collector of paranormal beings

Suddenly, delicious takes on a whole new meaning.

Problem is, I've no freaking clue what to put on there. Usually, I can see what I want, and I tell the cover dept. pretty clearly instead of just going, "Er, it's about vampires," which is why my covers are so pretty. And they are pretty, aren't they?

But this time...nothing. It's called Maneater because the heroine is a siren and she eats people. Try putting that on a cover. Sexy. And anyway, I'm advised that covers with women on them don't sell as well as covers with men, because the readership is largely female. Okay, but Poser men tend to look like they're having allergic reactions. And even if they turn out okay, the hero doesn't ahve any obvious paranormal qualities except for extreme hotness, so it'd be another faceless torso cover, and how many millions of them have you seen recently?

When I do a cover request I generally try to think about themes or motifs. You know, like for She Who Dares it was the stake and the tattoo and the Egyptian background. What are the themes and motifs for Maneater? Well, the heroine is a siren--so, water, rocks, wings. And it's set largely in Las Vegas--bright lights, gambling, showgirls. So...a showgirl on a rock, with wings?

Yep. That'll appear to my hererosexual female readership.


  1. Treasure Island (the hotel on the Vegas Strip) has a free show outside in front called The Sirens of TI.

    Maybe you could pop over to their website and check it out, see if you get any inspiration.

  2. Soooo, an idea...naked male torso...a female just barely visible leaning over his shoulder, her teeth nibbling on his shoulder.....her hand wrapped around a well muscled arm.

    Just a thought....

  3. Anonymous3:50 pm

    LOL@ Book cover requests. :)You always make me smile.

  4. The Sirens of TI? I had a front-row seat in the Tangerine bar to watch that...then they cancelled it because of bad weather. Too windy: don't want sirens falling off the rigging! I never got around to seeing it. Bah!

    And i still haven't sent the cover req in. Bad Cat!