Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Full-size teaser here

Yepyep, I have another ad! Only a silent teaser; a full-length, bells and whistles one will be coming soon and it will--I'm sure it will--have sound! Yes! A soundtracked book trailer! How exciting is that?

Very, I'm sure you'll agree. The Sundown, Inc. paperback anthology should be with us this spring: I'll let you know the date as soon as I have it finalised. An actual paperback! That's even more exciting than a book trailer!

In the meantime, I've got my Cat Marsters hat back on and I'm working on the next in the Sundown series; actually, the final Sundown International book. But don't fret, never fear, for a new Sundown series will be forthcoming. (The reason they're split into four books apiece is quite simply so they can fit neatly into a paperback anthology).

This, the fourth Sundown International book, is called Maneater, and it's about a siren. Yes, the Greek kind who lured sailors to their deaths. Poor Chloe finds it rather hard to have a relationship with anyone when she has such an unfortunate habit of eating her lovers...

As for the next Sundown series...well, I have a few ideas, but I thought I might take this opportunity to ask what you'd like to see from the series. Are vampires your thing? Do you prefer werewolves? What about menages, or even a m/m book? Don't be shy...tell me what you like!


  1. Love the teaser! I will be making mine when I get something sold. *sighs* The day job thing darn it...and response time! HEhee.

    Books: paranormal any way I can get it.

    Relationships: You know...I think the only one I'm NOT interested in is m/m, I read something recently that was really well done with m/m/f but even then, the men were all about the one woman. (Would that we could all have that particular problem!)

    Hope that helps?

  2. Anonymous3:28 am

    Well done on the trailor :)

    I love the Sundown, Inc series. I really don't read menage or m/m. I like your regular stuff a lot.

    i've read a few, but I mostly stick to the m/f :)

    Hope that helps.