Saturday, January 13, 2007

This season, I will be mostly...

Okay, I hate resolutions. But there are a couple of things that I'm going to try hard to do this year. Let's call them goals (which I usually hate also. Dunno what's got into me).

1. Go and see the Hogarth show at the Tate Britain. Got interested in Hogarth when my A level History teacher handed out assignments on C18th writers/artists/architects. He said he'd tried to match the artist to the student. Since the first words I read about Hogarth were how he was a subersive satirist obsessed with the dark side of life, I'm not sure how well this reflected on me. Anyway, I've totally and completely neglected any form of art studies ever since I left school, and besides, I like the idea of going to an art show. It sounds v cultured.

2. Try and see Patrick Stewart in the Tempest. While I'm at the cultural stuff, I might as well mention this. The Tempest was also an A level subject, and I reckon ol' Jean-Luc will be superb as Prospero. Well, he's generally superb in everything else I've seen him in. I wanted to see Tamsin Greig in Much Ado, since it's my favourite Shakespeare, but I'm pretty sure the run's finished now and anyway, I can't remember where it was. There was another play I wanted to see...I read the critical list in The Times the other week and so many things leapt out at me. But I resolve to get myself to the theatre at least once this year.

Oh, and I ought to check out The Globe's 2007 season, too, what with all this mad hot weather we're supposed to have coming up this season. Ain't going if it rains.

3. Write another damn book for Ellora's Cave and stop procrastinating over it. It's just that every time I try to get stuck into Kett's story (yes, I've already started it) I get sidetracked by a deadline or edits on one of my Changeling or Samhain books. I gues I should have thought harder before I did that spell to attract more business, huh?

4. Closely related to the above: earn more money.

5. Remain composed and not get involved in internet flame wars. Simply sit back, shaking head piteously at the folly of others, while displaying quiet grace and earning respect for it. Snort.

6. Lose another half-stone. Oh dear, this does sound boring and predictable, doesn't it?

7. Go somewhere new. A new seaside resort or a new country. I mean, obviously the country thing is more exciting, but going to a new seaside resort is definitely cheaper, plus you get fish and chips.

8. Get an agent. Or at least start looking for one. 'Get an agent' is one of those silly resolutions like 'get married this year'. Unless you already have the ring on your finger and the church booked, I'd say starting with 'find man to marry' might be a better resolution, right? So: I shall endeavour to search for an agent. Howzat?

There. I reckon eight is good, right? Broadening horizons, etc, while not over-the-top and unattainable. Mind you, remind me of these come December. I'll probably have managed one at most.

Place your bets please: how many of these will I fulfill? What do you think I ought to resolve to do? What are your resolutions? Do you ever keep them? Where are my socks?


  1. I am going to bet you reach ALL your goals! A few of them I'm highly jealous of *wink*

    And, if you want to come to the States and Washington DC, know you always have a place to stay! We have far too much room and lots of computers for writing time. IF you can tolerate two cats and the toddler !

    Goals are nice because they can be moved to adjust for dates, whims and emergencies. Resolutions always sound so....must do them now.

  2. Hmm, resolutions... the last couple I've made have come through for me in rather awful ways. (Such as 'pay off the car early' and having it get totaled by hail, which resulted in an insurance pay-out and a completely f'ed up car. Be careful what you wish for!) So I don't think I'm doing resolutions this year.

    However, if I were, I'd say I'll keep my house clean. How's THAT for dull?