Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I have two to attend today. One is the funeral of my best friend's dad, who was hit by a car last week. My friend is understandably in pieces, and there are going to be some tough times ahead.

The other is for my baby girl, Sugar. Anyone who's read this blog at all knows how devoted I am to my little cats and how much they mean to me. Last night, Sugar was hit by a car. A passer-by phoned us (thank God she had a tag on her collar, or we might never have known). We're going to bury her today in the front garden, near to Meu and Willow.

I miss my baby girl. I miss her horribly. We were supposed to have another fifteen years together. Now it's just me and Spike, and he'd better live forever.


  1. Oh! *SUPER BIG HUGS* I'm so sorry!

  2. *hugs* hon...I lost my baby girl this time last year...cars are a bitch and should all be outlawed.

    Give Spike big hugs...and yourself a few BIG drinks. THey are part of us...


  3. My condolences... I'm so sorry! I know that loosing a loved pet can be extremely painful.

  4. I've virtually hugged you on IM, but it's so, so not enough. I'm so very very sorry, and so thankful for the passerby who called you and stayed with Sugar so she wasn't alone. If you do ever find out who hit her, I'll fly over just to add a few more bangs with the crowbar.

    That is, if there's anything left of them after you're done with them...