Monday, August 20, 2007

Pictoral help, if you please

So, I need an author photo. I took a few, but I'm terribly critical of myself in photos and usually aware of looking too posed/fat/young/blonde/braindead. I'm especially aware of looking too young if a picture shows my teeth because they have a gap in them, and according to all sources I am The Youngest Author In The World, Ever, so I don't want to compound it.

Anyway. Here are the four I narrowed it down to:

1. But do I really want an author photo where I'm wearing a t-shirt that says 'Show Me Your Ball Skills'? Plus, see above re: gappy teeth.

2. For some reason here I have a huge jaw. Still, at least it's not a double chin, which I usually have in pictures taken from below. Which, since I'm freakishly tall, so many of them are.

3. And is it too cute with the cat?

4. Or too self-promoting with the I, Spy? mug?

5. This is actually probably my favourite, but I really can't go around with a Doctor Who quote on my shirt. Plus, you can totally tell I'm holding the camera and it looks like one of those emo self-shots 16yr olds have on MySpace. Except I'm smiling. Well, you would, too, if you'd seen Blink.

So...any takers? If you saw one of these accompanying a press release, or on a website, or the back of a book...would you buy what it was stuck to?


  1. The one with the cat is very cool. If it's not appropriate to the material, go with the coffee mug. I agree with the t-shirt comment. I always tend to use the "plus one" rule in publicity photos. Go with your usual dress and then up it one level, just in case.


  2. The background is too cluttered, Kate. The last one is the best in terms of this. I would keep the angle but: (a) clear the background, (b) change the shirt, and (c) do the shot in sepia. And make sure to powder your face to eliminate shiny spots. Can you tell I used to be a photographer's assistant/model once?

  3. I was going to mention the background. Is there a brick wall or lawn/field or somewhere with uniform background? Get someone else to take it so you can concentrate on looking good :)

  4. See, I like the last one cause it shows your gorgeousness and attitude ;) I do agree with the t-shirt comment from, why not make a sophie shirt with a quote from her??? ;) Retake the shot with the same angle!

  5. I really like the photo with the coffee mug.(#4)

  6. Oh, you can totally go around with a Doctor Who t-shirt! Go on! I would! Besides, unless your readers are all in the UK (or are demented Who fans like myself), there's a good chance they won't get the quote.

    Apart from the shirt, it's also the one where you look the oldest. You look slightly mysterious and sassy, but also natural in the picture. Does that make any sense?

    Although, in #2, you kinda have a Scarlett Johansson thing going on, which could be a good thing, yes?

    That said, I thought you looked very pretty in all of your photos.