Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The book club

So I'm out walking Pepper yesterday. It's pouring with rain, I'm wearing waterproof shoes (sexy!) and jeans so dirty they could probably stand up by themselves (point of putting on clean clothes when walking dog who loves mud: none) and my fleece, which is almost as dirty as my jeans but is meant to be white, so looks even dirtier. I have on no makeup, my hair is dripping wet and since it's raining so hard I've left my glasses at home 'cos hey, they're useless when wet anyway.

Up pulls a car, and I'm glad I'm with my mum who has decent distance vision, because she recognises our neighbour. "Hey," he says, "Now that you're a famous author, my wife's book club is going to read your book next!"

Book club. I, Spy?. It's one of the silliest things I've ever written (not the silliest, that would be Baby Sham Faery Love). It's about a blonde ditz who becomes a spy. There are no big overarching themes. No literary nods. It's, like, a fun chick-lit novel.

"And she wants to ask you to come along and talk about it," he adds.

I refrain from asking if I should come as I am, but mainly because I'm too busy repeating, "Oh God, oh God, oh God," over and over.

It's not that I don't want people to read my book. I wouldn't have published it if that was the case. But a book club? Has anyone ever belonged to a book club that discussed ordinary, fun books, not litrachur? And they want me to talk about it! To give insights!

Oh God, oh God, oh God.

At least this means they'll all buy it.


  1. You realize...that's when you find the man of your dreams....when you look the worst, feel the worst...and make the worst possible impression.

    And somewhere...there's a damn story!

    Yes, I will wait for the autographed copy for San Fran....IF you promise a night of antics and drinking ;) Cause...I'll be on my own and it will be a requirement. Although, I will refrain from the last time and drinking the entire bottle of Jack on my OWN...(JEN!) ;)

  2. K8, I think you should go to the book club. People are fascinated by authors and will hang on your every word. Second, I think this book club has good taste picking out Sophie.

    And by the bat, I'm reading I Spy? right now and I'm loving it. I was in the doctor's office yesterday giggling the entire time I was waiting. Thanks for the fun.