Thursday, November 01, 2007

Get Lucky

Yes, yes, I wish, etc. No! Get Lucky is the title of my new release from Changeling, out tomorrow. I have my Cat Marsters hat on for this, so expect paranormal creatures aplenty and lots and lots of sex.

Lucky Harris is a normal girl. Well, she never gets sick, can walk in four-inch heels and has an incubus stalking her dreams. But that doesn't mean anything… does it?

Sure, she's having the best sex of her life…in her dreams. But when the incubus starts appearing outside her dreams, sucking Lucky's energy and leaving her almost dead, she begins to admit there's something up.

But despite what her mad boss and his loopy friends at Sundown Investigations say, she's not ready to believe their tale of the paranormal. Even if she's now having the best sex of her life with the man of her dreams -- and there are two of him.

Is everyone out to get Lucky?

For an excerpt, click here! Warning: 'tis very very naughty.

1 comment:

  1. You have some of the best ideas!

    I am currently cursing at myself...I've written 6,ooo words in the last 24 hours. Tell my WHY I am NOT doing this full time too????

    Damn it. I need a patron!
    Congrats on the latest release hon, you know I'll be getting a copy :)