Tuesday, November 06, 2007

OMG, Kate has a fringe!

No, not that Kate. This Kate.

It's not a big, heavy fringe, sure, mostly because that looks like way, way too much work for someone who didn't brush her hair for about three years. I wanted something that can be sideswept if I want, or held out of the way, or made to fall like bangs. Clever Nicky did it for me. (Yes, I'd like to say Nicky as in Clarke, but really I mean Nicky as in my local hairdresser. Sorry).

Since the last time I had a fringe I was four, this is kind of a big thing for me. Nicky had to keep reassuring me it wasn't going to be too scary, not too full or too short, and not too high-maintenance either. Phew.

Anyway. This is what passes for news around here. Stay tuned for the riveting soon-to-be-revealed news of what I'm having for lunch!


  1. Very nice! Now you can peer through your fringe in a mysterious and sexy fashion...

  2. Alternately, I might end up looking like an Old English Sheepdog.