Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The likeable ex

My musings on this subject can be found on the Smart Bitches Who Love Trashy Books site. A while ago, I emailed SB Sarah to gripe that all the ex-girlfriends (and boyfriends) I'd been reading were all cookie-cutter gorgeous, evil bitches, hated instantly by the heroine. Usually, hated because she was gorgeous, which is the sort of petty, immature reaction I hate in a character (yes, we're all jealous of the beautiful people, but to make the decision that beautiful = evil without even exchanging words with the goddess in question is unacceptable, either in real life or fiction).

Sarah, I begged, do you or the Bitchery know any sane, well-adjusted exes? Are there any beautiful love-rivals who aren't evil? Are our heroes and heroines really so stupid that they'll fall for someone with a heart of pure evil just because it's topped by a pretty face?

I got some interesting answers...

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