Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Overtures

So last night we went to a 50th birthday party. The birthday boy is the other half of the duo my brother plays in--his daughters joke he's their adopted brother. Anyway, we get there and they're going on about the Overtures, and how fabulous it is to book them, and can you believe they're playing here? And my mum and I exchange confused glances. The who? (Incidentally, The Who really is one of the best band names ever, isn't it?).

The Overtures, my dad says. They played at Elton John's wedding. Paul McCartney said they played the Beatles songs better than the Beatles did. They're the best 60s tribute band in the country. I'd have thought a 50th birthday party was a slight step down, unless it's, you know, Sarah Ferguson's or something, but what do I know?

So, there you go: that's what I have in common with Paul and Elton. The band really were fantastic. Apparently when my brother saw them last they were just a good tribute band. Now they have roadies. Roadies in band t-shirts. That's progress.

Anyway, none of this has anything to do with anything, I just thought I'd mention it. Other news for today includes: being reminded about the CAPA awards, which are the only reason I'm getting out of bed on Thursday; and a letter to tell me I didn't get the job at the animal shelter. Probably they were afraid I'd start stealing cats. Which is ridiculous. I'd probably only steal kittens.

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