Monday, May 19, 2008


Oh God, how did I forget to post about this? Bad Cat, bad. Spaceport: Incognito came out on Friday, and I still haven't mentioned it here. I'll go to Author Hell for this (you know that joke about author hell and heaven? In heaven, authors are chained to typewriters and constantly whipped. In hell, the same thing goes on. The difference? In heaven, you get published).

Anyway. Incognito, my contribution to the mad, seedy, sexy, exciting world of Spaceport, is out now to buy. I don't have any superlative reviews with which to convince you of its fabulousness, so I'll just have to post a blurb and hope that does the trick.

Jal is a bounty hunter. Kali is his quarry. When he finds the former socialite disguised as a cheap whore, turning tricks on Spaceport Adana, he can't believe his luck. All he has to do is return her to her fiancé, and he's rich. So what if he's sampling the wares on the trip home? It's not as if it's the first time she's traded in sex.

Except that there's a reason why Kali ran from her privileged background, and once Jal hears it, he's faced with a dilemma. Previously, knowing his skip was facing certain death would never have bothered him, but this time all the money in the 'verse won't compensate for it. Can he send her home, knowing she'll be instantly killed, or should he believe her story and help with her mission -- which might end up getting them both killed?

Besides, it's very possible that Kali knows the secret to finding the one thing Jal has been searching for all his life…

Buy it! In a wonderful feat of self-sabotage, I've also managed to neglect pimping out my next Kate Johnson book. The fourth (yes! fourth!) Sophie Green Mystery, Still Waters, will be available as an e-book tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow. Step right up, folks, for ice cream, Cornish pasties, harbour drownings, holiday villages, equestrian sabotage, soppy declarations, secret babies (oh yes!) and murder riddles. You know you want to.


  1. Bought and read the whole book tonight m'dear....your parents don't read Changeling Press stories, right???

    I'm sure my own Cat would LOVE if I write more in your genre :) I'm working on it.

    Anyway, WELL DONE! I've been up reading way later than I intended to be, so that's ALWAYS a good sign!


  2. Nono, they don't! Well, neither of them could figure out how to download them...but I have forbidden them from reading the paperback anthologies. They can read anyone else's erotica, just not mine. Too icky!

  3. *chuckle* Wise woman. I have a hard time letting my mother read any of the sci-fi/paranormal romance I write LOL.

    Just...the ewwww-factor. It's too much.

    Good job! I'm still having you autograph Almost Human since it is the book that caused me to fall in love with the sub-genre! :)