Sunday, July 13, 2008


Have got Mozilla working again! I know, everyone was on tenterhooks, tearing out hair in sympathy, etc. New profile--apparently the old one got corrupted, probably by whatever Norton found lurking like a maggot in the depths of my hard drive. Also, I panicked when the most recent set of bookmarks it could found dated from January 2007--but I located the newer ones, too. I bookmark all my reviews, you see, so I can find them quickly. Now I just have to stop that Getting Started tab popping up every time I launch the browser, and I'm good.


  1. Use firefox hon...and Foxmarks (, it'll keep everything synchronized and safe!!! Or, so far it has LOL.

    Can I tell you how happy I am that my Cat found a ton of writing I thought had disappeared? Floppies and ZIP drives! ACK~!

    And, I had to re-read a few of your stories this week to get me back into writing mode ;) Thank you for that!

  2. I'm back on Firefox now. I much prefer it to horrible old IE. And I fixed the Getting Started tab too! So everything's shiny...finally!

    Yay for finding lost writing! I used to save all my work on floppies (I know, right?) because my old (old, old...older still) PC used to just randomly eat files. And this was with no Internet connection, so no was just a crap computer!