Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Jungle cats

Jack and Daisy had their first trip outside yesterday. Neither of them understand the cat flap, and Daisy got stuck up a tree (a 15ft conifer...try leaning a ladder against one of those, swaying nicely, when you're terrified of heights!). But otherwise, things went well.

The pink rose there is one we planted for Tinker (we've always planted roses when our pets die). Twenty years ago, he was the same size Jack and Daisy are now!

Daisy, being intrepid. When we first got her through the cat flap, she hid under the sidings of the conservatory.

Daisy helping me work. She's a rotten typist. Even now she's trying to climb onto my desk.

Here they are making themselves comfortable on my bed. Left, Jack; centre, Daisy; right, Spike, remaining unimpressed.

Currently, Daisy is climbing all over the computer, and me, looking for attention. Three weeks ago she was terrified of me. Nice to see she's figured out who her mummy is.


  1. Aww, their first taste of the Great Outdoors. Our cat never really came back inside once he discovered the joys of the wilderness. Our dog used the catflap more, until she grew too big and got stuck one day.

  2. We've had indoor and outdoor cats, but it's Pepper who really loves the catflap--when I was trying to get Daisy to use it, the dog kept sticking her head in and grinning like something out of Jurassic Park. We have a little cage around the catflap so she doesn't break it completely...as did her predecessor!

  3. Um, I do hope you weren't climbing that 15' ladder in your nice heels...