Sunday, August 31, 2008

RWA Nationals

I know, it only ended about a month ago. But I'm looking forward! Next year the conference is in Washington DC, which aside from being somewhere I'd like to go to, has the definite advantage of being on the east side of America, and therefore a lot easier to get to--both quicker and more direct. I also have a little bit of money coming from both my nannans, which I can at least put towards it. I mean, this is probably all I'll get in the way of an inheritance, so I'd rather not spend it all on a working holiday, but if I can't earn it before then, at least I can afford to go.

Besides, I haven't used my passport in two years. It's starting to gather dust.

However, I've run the figures and it's not pretty. What'd be really nice is to share a room with my old roomie, Amy, but I don't know if she can come (Amy? Can you?). Plus, a room for two is pricey--pricier than a room for four, anyway. Well, at least I have eleven months to find roommates!


  1. Well, if you want to room with two who are local, I'm sure we'll share (not that we have a room booked)! Cause lord knows, I'm going to the DC's 30 miles AWAY.

    And, if you want to stay at a cat friendly house...we may just drive up each morning and party WAY too late at night with a chauffeur (so I say as I volunteer my Cat).

    Heck, it's less expensive that way!


  2. Yeah, why aren't these things ever 30 miles away from me? Even the UK ones take me hours to get to!

    It's nice to be in the middle of the action at the conference hotel, even if it is pricey. If I stayed with you, everyone in the house would either be called Cat or be a cat! But still, it has definite possibilities--thanks for the offer! I don't think booking is even available for a good few months yet, so there's time to think about it.

  3. *chuckle*

    Well, we have a BIG house...we may end up with a RWA party HERE. :D Not that anyone would be complaining. LOL.

    And honestly....if I wanted a room or suite booked...I've got an 'in' to get it done :D

  4. You have an 'in'? Ooh! But, booking through RWA gets a big chunk off the room rate--I just looked at the Marriott site and they're quoting not far off $400 per night for a standard room. Eep! Still, it does look like a really nice hotel (I'm just not sure it's $400 nice!).

  5. I won't know if I have a shot at RWA until Spring but if I do, I'll room with you. And I give my roomies permisson to smother me if I snore too loud.

  6. checking....stay tuned...:D

  7. Oh man, Cat, I have no freakin idea. Am I supposed to be able to plan more than 2 minutes ahead? I think you're asking too much of me.

    Seriously, though, damn I wanna go. DC has far too many cool things to see for me not to make it up there at least once.