Friday, September 19, 2008

Slow day

Well, slow week, actually. Slow enough for me to procrastinate with a picture of my desk. And an explanation of what's on it. Actually I did this earlier in the week, but it's taken me this long to get around to posting it. Stupid labyrinthitis.

1. My cat calendar. Wanted a Cats Protection one, but couldn't find any (possibly because I didn't start looking until January). In this picture, it's turned to December, because I was looking at dates to try and book tickets for Hamlet with David Tennant and Patrick Stewart. Unfortunately all the other Whovians and Trekkies who are got up earlier in the morning had already booked them. Waah.

2. My music stand. Without any music on it. I keep notes and bits of paper here, occasionally a book if I'm looking something up (the shelves behind it hold my history books and Shakespeare collection, as well as a handful of dictionaries that still often give clearer answers than online translation sites).

3. My kneely chair. I tried a regular desk chair, it mutilated my back, so I'm sticking with this one. Unfortunately it's lost all its padding, so it's covered with a couple of garden chair cushions. Classy.

4. My scythe. Every office should have one.

5. A bumper sticker that says "Destined to become an old lady with lots of cats". See #9 for details.

6. The reason I only have a small computer desk is my amazing capacity for clutter. The smaller the desk, the less crap on it. However, it still holds three pairs of glasses, two mini fluffy cats, a plaque announcing that it's Sophie's Room (technically true), the lyrics to Neil Finn's Driving Me Mad, a dozen or so CDs I've put on my Sony Walkman, my Sony Walkman, a Latin dictionary, a calculator that only works if you don't use the '0' or' .' buttons (and '+' is a bit shaky too), a tape measure, nail file, glasses cloth and about ten hair thingies. And pens. Oh, and a Swedish dictionary. And a pin cushion. Don't ask.

7. My Doctor Who screensaver. See above re #1.

8. The mouse is one my dad got free and therefore the liquid bit has some tiny beer dispensing widget in it (but sadly no beer). The mousemat contains a photo of me and Tinker, back when Tinker was a) alive and b) not ancient. It's fairly old!

9. My picture of Spike, tucked into a picture of Spike. That's the cat in the first instance, and the vampire in the second. Adjacent to that photo, on the side of the bookshelve that's not visible here, is a picture of me with Sugar (also when she was alive. This is perhaps a practice I ought to stop). Above that is a magazine ad for Dunhill Pursuit, because the guy in it looks just like Luke.

10. A ribbon holding some badges I got from the RWA national conference a few years ago. They say: "Writing is cheaper than therapy", "(Socially acceptable schizophrenic) Writer", "Piss me off and I may kill you in my next book", "Write to live, live to write", and my personal favourite, "Don't tell my mom I write romance, she thinks I play piano in a whore house".

What's on your desk?


  1. Currently, my writing desk is the kitchen bench. We've only just returned from a week away, so it's the dumping ground for everything. If I could take a photo to show you, I would, but at this point in time I seriously have no idea where my camera is. Under the mess on the kitchen bench, I think.

    And big bags of bum on the Hamlet tickets. My heart aches for you. Seriously. (I remember how i felt when I saw Hugh Jackmen in The Boy From Oz, and I know your lust/love/desire for Tennant is a million times more powerful. Will there be more shows announced?)

  2. Oh, I love it. Hehe.

    I have two desks...the main one, has a silly stack of books ranging from business development to personal Chi, some iPod headphones, checks to be mailed, a hand crafted bowl with crystals, a small soy sauce dish to house whatever...a coaster, my Usana blender cup which is filled with water at the moment, a notebook for well, notes...and a few clear task folders filled with...well, work tasks.

    The second office is Much Cooler with it's iMac and clear desktop with various languages engraved on it. It's got an orchid (that i think I killed), a desk calendar and a sculpture tree with bracelets for clients to buy. :) I like that desk...and wish it were the one I worked from ALL the time. LOL. It's very esoteric, like my writing can get.

    I think I serious have a book buying fetish. I should get help. *as I glance around at ALL the bookshelves in BOTH offices. Eeesh.

  3. I don't know, Lexxie. This is actually a continuation of the RSC's Stratford season (tried to get tickets for that, too). I suppose there's the possibility it might tour the country, but then that would mean less filming time for Doctor Who!

    Stacia, I have a bowl with crystals in it...somewhere... and three that sit by my mousepad: amethyst, turritella agate, and sodalite, for reasons that made sense at the time.

    I also have stacks of books freaking everywhere. They're in several teetering piles in here, in my bedroom, in the living room, and now on the stairs too, waiting to be transported to bookshelves that absolutely have no room. I need a bigger house for all my books!