Thursday, October 16, 2008

Daisy the hairstylist

Jack and Daisy are now six months old, way bigger than anybody who's six months old ought to be, but also still really small for anyone who goes prowling around in the dark on their own.

To that end, both of them now sport snazzy reflective collars, although I did try to get some that aren't horribly ugly. Daisy's is pink.

It's really sweet to see how she's gained more confidence, from the tiny kitten who hid behind the sofa, and the chair, and the curtains, and under the footstool and...well, anywhere she could. Which, for a kitten, is pretty much anywhere.

But now Daisy is a happy, friendly, affectionate kitten. She's discovered hair.

Middle of the night, the little warm furry body snuggled up against me creeps up to my pillow and starts chewing my hair. Although this is an improvement on Jack, who sprawls over the whole pillow, and I wake up with my head on the mattress and a crick in my neck.

I can spend ages trying to persuade Daisy to come and sit on my lap, but I notice it's a lot easier when my hair is loose. She can sit there chasing it whenever I move my head. She can climb on the back of the chair and chew on my ponytail (which has the added advantage of me not noticing). She can give me a scalp massage, which admittedly would be a lot nicer if she didn't have claws.

Am I her favourite because I give her food, affection, lavish praise, etc, or because I have long, easily chewable hair?


  1. Ahh, kittens! I forgot the joy of waking up with smelly-cat-drool saturated hair. And I was glad to forget. You're way more patient than I am!

  2. Well, it's better than waking up to a smelly kitchen full of puppy puddles. WAY better. And kittens? Don't bark. Or steal your food.

    Okay, they do try to steal my food. But they're very adorable about it.

  3. Food, affection, lavish praise AND you have long, easily chewable hair, of course!

  4. Long, chewable hair is bound to win over any small animal. When our dog was a puppy she used to sit on my shoulder and "groom" me. And our grandparents' puppy now does the same, especially if I'm also wearing long, chewable earrings.