Monday, November 17, 2008

A go-back-to-bed day

First thing when I wake up, I forget the kitchen floor is being re-laid, which means there are strangers around before I've had my coffee. Coffee I really needed when I switched on this horrible machine to find it wasn't letting me go online. Again. It'd let me use Yahoo Messenger, but not browse the internet, or download updates for my virus scanner. Which I needed, when I ascertained (via use of my brother's laptop and then, when that ran out of juice, the ancient creaky computer I keep networked to back up files) that the problem was probably caused by a virus.

It took me five hours to fix. With limited access to coffee, and the intermittent whine of a buzzsaw, and the Demon Puppy barking ceaselessly every time one of the workmen went outside (this was very often), and to top it all off the impetigo that's not supposed to ever recur but has been coming back for twenty years has shown up on my face again, itching like mad. At least it's not at the scabbing-and-taking-over-my-face stage yet, but the thing is if I go to the doc too early, they can't see anything and don't believe me. So I have to let it get disgusting before I can get the antibi's. NHS: you get what you pay for.

And it was raining.

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  1. But you're back now K8 and we love you.