Monday, November 03, 2008

Things to do this week:

I need to finish revising Kett's book. I figure I've worked out how to fix it; now I just need to make sure I'm actually doing it right. I also need to go over the galley proofs for Sophie book 4, which I was sent aaages ago and forgot about. Whoops!

Instead I shall be: going shopping for shoes that I don't need and can't afford (procrastination at its finest); getting a scan of my brain (just in case my labyrinthitis turns out to be gremlins nesting in my cerebral cortex); watching the RNA on Eggheads (tonight, 6pm, BBC2); fretting about looking like a beached whale when I go to Center Parcs next week; trying to find clothes at are a) clean and b) fit me, which is my usual method of packing a suitcase.

I shall also be staring adoringly at the cover for Spaceport: Courtesan, and attempting to come up with an idea for my next Changeling book. I was going to write about Janus Valdec, but he turned out to not be a very nice guy, so I probably won't.



  1. Hi Cat! Oh yes, the SPACEPORT cover is awesome!!! Really the colors of that dress and all is perfect! How much longer til the release? I didn't realize you already too had one out with SPACEPORTS with the Incognito book! I got a bit behind. So its going on the wishlist! Can't wait!

  2. PS Its great to find your blog. I've dearly enjoyed those books I read of yours and hope to visit you more!

  3. Thanks Caffey! I'm so totally in love with this cover. It's out 13th Nov, which is next Thursday! Unfortunately I won't be here that week, but I'm trying to figure out how to get Blogger to time some pre-written posts for me.