Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I don't know, my brain is dead. I, along with approximately 90% of the British population, still have a cold (just when I think it's safe to come off the Night Nurse), added to which it's the week before Christmas and I'm starting to forget which day it is. Things like weekends and workdays are a bit blurry when you work from home anyway, and it's even worse when Monday and Tuesday both include drinks parties, but the weekend does not.

Christmas: it sneaks up on you

Weirdly, Christmas itself isn't stressing me out. Well, why do we let it in the first place? It's all self-inflicted. However, the knock-on effect of Christmas--the hangovers, the ruined diet, the hideousness of shopping for perfectly ordinary things, the realisation that I still haven't mailed my cards to America (sorry folks).

Even something small like Jack losing his collar again (what does he do with the damn things? Is he trying to put up Christmas decorations?) produced major hassle because I've got to go into town to buy a new one, and while I'm going for lunch tomorrow really don't want to face Wilkinsons on Christmas Eve.And of course I won't be able to get a tag engraved for days since everything is shut over Christmas (and yes, I do insist on my cats wearing collars with tags, a) because Jack and Daisy are otherwise very hard to tell apart without different coloured collars, b) because they're both black and I want something reflective on them and c) because if Sugar hadn't been wearing a tag, we might not have found out that she'd died until much later when someone scanned her mouldy remains for a microchip). I do have a spare collar in the cupboard, but it's pink for Daisy, not silver for Jack. (Quite apart from them both looking the same, I did once have a male cat who wore red and pink and purple collars, and he was the gayest cat ever, and I promised I wouldn't deliberately gay up any of my cats in future.)

Tinker, the world's gayest cat. Note the red sparkly collar.

I'm also aware that my editor at Changeling is expecting something from me in January, and my muse has been, I don't know, hibernating or something. But she's finally decided she might like to try her hand at cyberpunk. Cyberpunk, anybody?

Oh, and last night I had a dream David Tennant was staying at my house. David. Tennant. At my house. I was so annoyed to wake up!


  1. Oh. David Tennant for Christmas.
    Sorry, just having a nice escapist moment.

    Oh, and you aren't alone. In amongst remembering all the festive shopping and fighting for 15 minutes to get out of the damn supermarket car park, what did I forget to buy? Yup. Milk.

  2. Hah, we went out to get cookie dough because well....let's just say one shouldn't let it freeze for a year and then expect it to yield good cookies...no...we won't go there.

    Cyberpunk! Can't wait to see what your muse comes up with :) I'm sure it'll be awesome, and you can always check with my Cat to pick his brain. He is ALL about cyberpunk.

    Happy Holidays!!!!

  3. Oh yes, David Tennant! Possibly because I've been waiting so impatiently for the Doctor Who Christmas special.

    It's always the ordinary stuff that's so difficult to get at Christmas. Like, for instance, butter, because I left it out and Pepper ate it all. Including the wrapper. Yum.